What is STEAM in Youthreach?

STEAM education combines the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, taking a learner-led approach to teaching and learning where learners develop a range of skills and life skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes towards STEAM.

The Full STEAM Ahead! partnership programme has developed learning resources for STEAM in a Youthreach specific setting, allowing learners to cut across STEAM disciplines through exploration of real-world situations with links to three or more disciplines from Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics. 

An overview of the Framework for STEAM Education in Youthreach developed by NYCI and CASTeL, DCU, illustrating how STEAM can work effectively in a Youthreach setting and highlighting the benefits for learners and educators alike.

Read more about the Framework for STEAM Education in Youthreach

Developed with pedagogical experts at CASTeL; our Framework Guide and presentation

STEAM Resources

Explore STEAM resources designed for use in Youthreach settings including module descriptors, session plans, and additional materials for the subject areas below  

Use hands-on approaches to learning STEAM concepts seen in everyday life. 

Use design thinking in real-world contexts including building bridges and marble runs.

Uses simple practical activities to learn about sustainability and the science of water.

Focus on familiar concepts of healthy lifestyle and nutrition to encourage positive attitudes.

What people have been saying about this resource

“The program encouraged me to try new things and be more confident, I did some things that I never imagined I would do or that they existed.”  Youthreach Learner

“Soft skills in particular, communication, teamwork and collaboration, have improved. They grew confident in their own set of skills.” Youthreach Staff

“You could turn anything into a STEAM project if you analyse it. Whereas before, I was trying to put STEAM into things or onto things where it was already there!”  Youthreach Staff