Your Wellbeing Hub

If you are a youth worker or work with young people, this wellbeing hub has been developed with your needs in mind

What is Wellbeing Hub?

We believe that if you care for those providing support, those that they care for will also reap the rewards.

Mindfulness and meditation are invaluable tools that help maintain and support mental wellbeing, so we’ve collected our ‘building blocks for wellbeing’ content here for you to access when and as you need!

Building Blocks for Wellbeing video series

Join us for our 6-part series where we explore a range of topics with influential individuals who are flourishing in their fields

The Meditation Sessions

Regain a sense of wellbeing and balance, and renew your passion and energy for your work with young people.

The Meditation Sessions are a short 12 step meditation journey we’ve developed for you in partnership with The Sanctuary, that you can join from the comfort of your working space in your own time. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday over four weeks, a short meditation will be sent to your inbox.

SoulSpace: Wellbeing Seminars

Ignite your best version of yourself!

Gerry Hussey of SoulSpace has over 20 years’ experience building high performance teams and individuals within organisations. His approach is one of honesty, simplicity and authenticity.

Through this mini-series of seminars developed for youth workers with the NYCI National Youth Health Programme, Gerry will support you to strip away learned behaviours and thinking patterns; to unclutter, clarify and overcome both internal and external obstacles and challenges, and to ignite the best version of yourself from a complete Mind, Body and Spirit perspective.

Awakening Your Inner Champion

An empowering experience that focuses on raising consciousness, awakening inner potential, igniting greater health and performance in an integrative and holistic way by focussing on Mind, Body and Spirit.

Execute: How Do We Create A Daily/Weekly Code That Allows Us To Proactively Manifest The Life That We Dream Of 

This will take you through an exciting and innovative program that has been designed to help people reignite passion, spirit, imagination, inner resilience and creativity. 

Performing Beyond the Comfort Zone and Building Inner Resilience 

This will assist you in revitalising and maintaining an energised, focused, resilient and high performing team that will rise and thrive, not only in this challenging period but in the time far beyond. 

How is the you in youth work?

Bespoke session for your organisation

This is a supportive online space which offers you the opportunity to stop for a moment and take stock – to give you a little time to reflect on how you are in all of this – the positives, the challenges, how you are supporting yourself and being supported – and what you would like in terms of support.

Building blocks for wellbeing

Short, timely supports you can use at a moment that suits you

The original series for youth workers that started it all. If you work with young people ‘Building Blocks for Wellbeing’ provides you with support through mindfulness practices and activities. Below you can access short, timely supports you can use at a moment that suits you.

The NYCI National Youth Health Programme (NYHP) in partnership with The Sanctuary initially developed these invaluable tools that help maintain and support mental wellbeing for those working on the frontlines of society, specially to those providing support to young people, at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now delighted to give you access to them throughout this unprecedented time, and long after Covid-19.

What people have been saying about the supports in this wellbeing hub

Building Blocks Emails:

Thank you so much for this, I have found them to be very helpful. A well thought out, well designed programme, well done and thank you for the support throughout the last few months. Ross CDYS Youth Work Ireland

It brought a sense of grounding during a very difficult time. Youth Worker

Extremely supportive during these times of COVID-19, helps in not becoming overwhelmed, adapting to new style of working and accepting that you are doing your best during current pandemic. Youth Worker

Soul Space Sessions:

Thank you very much for arranging the webinars with Gerry. They were life affirming and if we choose to put in the work, life changing. I’m looking forward to replaying the recorded webinars as a reminder, when they become available. Martina, Youth Worker   

Thank you so much, I will bring the gems of wisdom to my work with the youth theatre and also to my own life.  Such valuable insights delivered in a relaxed and considerate way. Really powerful. The ideas will resonate with me and particularly throughout this very challenging Covid-19 period. Leish, Youth Worker

I found Gerry a real inspiration and so practical in his approach. Thank you for organising these fabulous workshops. Phil, Foroige