Working Safely and Effectively in Sexuality Wellbeing

Developing Policy and Guidelines


The National Youth Health Programme in partnership with the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme are delighted to provide a video series, based on NYHP’s Sense and Sexuality Manual 2.0, that supports organisations develop policy and guidelines in the area of sexuality wellbeing.  

After watching this video series, if you and/or your organisation are hoping to develop policy and guidelines in the area of sexuality wellbeing, please let us know by clicking here and you can avail of NYHP’s in person training, ‘Developing a Sexual Health Policy’.  

In addition, if you require further support to build your knowledge in the area of youth sexual health promotion, you can avail of NYHP’s 2 free online e-learnings.  

An Introduction to Youth Sexual Health Promotion 

Relationship Education and Sexuality Wellbeing in the Youth Work Sector 

An Introduction to Sexuality Wellbeing Policy – Definitions and rationale for developing a Sexuality Wellbeing Policy

This video explores the definition of policy as well as outlining the rationale and benefits of having a sexuality wellbeing policy. It also explores the necessary links between policy development and the vision, mission, ethos, values and principles within an organisation. 

A Step-by-Step Approach to Developing a Sexuality Wellbeing Policy

This video addresses the 8 steps involved in developing a Sexuality Wellbeing policy, including assembling a policy working group, reviewing current work, carrying out a needs assessment, drafting and piloting the policy, as well as ratifying it and monitoring its implementation. 

Framework for a Sexuality Wellbeing Policy

This video looks at potential headings within a sexuality wellbeing policy and some of related considerations. It highlights the need to reference measures that an organisation will undertake to promote the sexuality wellbeing of its service users (proactive responses), and procedures to manage specific situations that may arise (reactive responses).

Legislation and Sexuality Wellbeing Policy

This video provides an overview of the main pieces of legislation with regard to relationships and sexuality issues that organisations and individuals may need to take account of within their policy/ guidelines and practice.   It is important to note that this segment is for educational purposes only. Individuals and organisation developing their policies and practices should take specific legal advice as necessary.