Health Quality Mark

NYCI has developed the Health Quality Mark (HQ Mark) as a health promotion initiative with a view to enhancing best practice and a high standard of quality in all aspects of health promotion in youth organisations.

The HQ Mark is a set of quality standards in youth health promotion and takes the form of an award conferred on organisations that satisfy agreed quality criteria. The criteria, twelve in total, have been drawn up by the NYCI and are based on best practice in health promotion at a regional and national level as outlined in various strategy documents.

Much of the criteria have been drawn from the World Health Organisation (WHO) criteria that were developed for the Health Promoting Schools Initiative and adapted by the NYCI. As a result, varying levels of the HQ Mark are available – bronze, silver and gold, according to the levels of the criteria achieved.

Support Manual

This support manual has been designed to support youth organisations in pursuit of the NYHP’s Health Quality Mark (HQM) and includes:

  • An introduction to the National Youth Health Programme.
  • An overview of the principles and concepts which underwrite the HQM.
  • An overview of the HQM and accompanying criteria.
  • An overview of the assessment process.
  • A range of support materials in relation to the achievement of each criterion.
  • Information on links with other relevant quality frameworks, particularly
  • the National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF).

The aim of the health quality mark is to recognise and acknowledge quality health promotion in youth organisations.

  • To develop and sustain quality health promotion in youth organisations.
  • To ensure good practice in health promotion through needs assesment, planning, implementation and evaluation of all health promotion activities throughouth the organisation.To increase team work for all those involved in the health quality mark.
  • To enhance a teamwork approach and sense of ownership for all those involved.
  • To ensure that health related policies, practice and programmes are integrated effectively.
  • To promote the health of all those involved in the youth organisation including young people, staff, volunteers and management.
  • To ensure that work is consistently documented
  • To stimulate and encourage a culture of assessing quality.

The HQ Mark will:

  • Recognise and acknowledge good practice and a high standard of quality in all aspects of health promotion in the successful organisations.
  • Positively differentiate ‘health promoting youth organisations’ from other service providers.
  • Improve competitiveness in Health Promotion provision in youth organisations.
  • Increase the public profile of organisations who achieve the HQ Mark.
  • Ensure ongoing support and training from the NYCI to successful organisations so that they continue to maintain their HQ Mark.
  • Raise standards of Health Promotion in organisations.

To be eligible to apply for the HQ Mark, organisations must satisfy all of the following conditions.

Organisations must have successfully completed the Specialist Certificate in Youth Health Promotion, i.e have a Health Promoter who successfully completed the Specialist Certificate and/or National Training in Health Promotion.

Organisations must have participated in a health quality mark workshop organised and delivered by the NYCI
Develop a close working relationship with the NYCI.

Phase 1

Expression of interest on completition of Specialist Certificate in Youth Health Promotion

Phase 2

Inital Information meeting with the Health Programme Staff

Phase 3

Develop and implement links and support structures.

Phase 4

Submission of portfolio of evidence

Phase 5

Assesment of portfolio and site visit by Health Programme and HSE Staff.

Health Quality Mark Organisation Level of Award
Galway Diocesan Youth Service Gold
Irish Girl Guides Gold
Catholic Guides of Ireland Gold
KDYS  Gold
Swan Youth Service Gold
Midlands Regional Youth Service Gold
Buncrana Youthreach Silver
North Connaught Youth and Community Service Silver
Lifford Youthreach Gold
Cork Foyer Silver
Rush Youthreach Gold
Arklow Springboard Gold
Blakestown Mountview Youth Initiative Gold
Newbridge YTDC Gold
Hospital Youthreach Gold
Sligo Community Training Centre Gold
Blanchardstown Youthreach Gold
Tipperary Regional Youth Service Silver
Carlow Regional Youth Service Silver
Youthreach Miltown Malbay Bronze
No Name Club Gold
St Andrews Resource Centre Bronze

Health Quality Mark Support Manual 2011

Health Quality Mark Support Templates

Health Quality Mark Criteria Audit Template

Health Quality Mark Remonitoring Criteria Template

Criteria 2 – Health Promotion Team Terms of Reference Template


Sample Meeting Record Template


Criteria 3 – Organisational Health Promotion Strategy Template


Criteria 5 – Peer Health Promotion Initative Planning Template


Criteria 7 – Training Plan for Staff/Volunteers and Management

Indivdual Training Needs Analysis


Checklist for Training and Development – Indivdual and Organisational

Organisational Training Report Template


Criteria 8 – Framework for evaluating Partnerships


Criteria 9 – Model of Good Practice for Health Promotion

Template for application of Model of Good Practice


Checklist for the APIE Model of Good Practice


Criteria 10 – Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Checklist for Health Safety Resources

Checklist for First Aid

Checklist for dealing with emergency situations

Checklist for instruction, training and supervision

Checklist for Fire Safety

Criteria 11 – Ensuring and promoting equality and inclusiveness

Criterion 12 – Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Child Protection Organisational Audit Tool (DOC)

Health Quality Mark News

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Cork Foyer awarded Silver Health Quality Mark

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