STEAM Engagement Programme

Ensuring STEAM is used to improve the lives of young people and inspire their curiosity

NYCI supports youth workers and educators to deliver STEAM education and engagement projects to young people in Youthreach Centres, and through non-formal education in youth work settings.


in Youth Work


in Youthreach

How will we deliver STEAM education and engagement projects to young people?

NYCI’s STEAM Engagement Programme works to transform the capacity of the youth work and other non-formal education sectors to: 

  • use STEAM to improve the lives of young people, and 
  • deliver hands-on STEAM engagement opportunities that inspire young people’s curiosity. 

Through continuous professional development, consultancy support, events, seminars, resource and curriculum development, and equipment dissemination, NYCI will enable youth workers and Youthreach staff to: 

  • Lead the delivery of in-depth STEAM engagement projects that have been co-created with young people to respond to local need. 
  • Engage young people in debate around STEAM themes emerging as important during and post Covid-19 (e.g. viruses, circular economies, gaming addiction). 
  • Use innovative blended youth work and education methodologies. 

That way, the programme will support participating youth workers and educators to deliver STEAM education and engagement projects to young people. 








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What is ‘STEAM’ and ‘STEAM in Youth Work’?

What is STEAM?

  • stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths
  • is multi-disciplinary (covering at least science, engineering or maths AND technology or art)

What is STEAM in Youth Work?

  • emphasises the personal and social development of young people while also providing opportunities for those with particular interests to develop STEAM knowledge, skills and competences and a range of 21st century skills (creativity and imagination, problem solving and critical thinking, team working and collaboration).
  • is relevant to the daily lives of young people and captures their imaginations.
  • is hands-on, inquiry-based learning.
  • is youth-led and based on youth work principles and approaches.
  • includes technology and art as a means of deepening engagement and learning in science, engineering and maths and vice versa.
  • supports the progression of young people, where there is interest, to other STEAM education and engagement opportunities.
  • provides fresh new tools for youth workers and other educators to engage young people with.

Partnership Approach

NYCI’s STEAM Engagement Programme is funded by the Science Foundation of Ireland and is delivered in partnership with a range of experts in the fields of STEAM engagement, youth work and alternative and non-formal education.

Current partners include: Carlow Regional Youth Service; Foroige Ballyhaunis Youth Service; Ballymun Anseo School Completion Programme; Ossory Youth Service; Irish Girl Guides; Empowerment Plus; SWICN Computer Clubhouse; Ballymun Regional Youth Service; Ferns Diocesan Youth Services, Shambles Youth Café; Galway Community Arts; Department of Applied Social Sciences, Limerick Institute of Technology; Maynooth University’s Department of Applied Social Studies; Ballymun Youthreach (CDETB), Tuam Youthreach (GRETB), Shanagolden Youthreach (LCETB), the National Co-ordination Unit, Office of the National Co-ordinator for Youthreach/VTOS; CASTeL, DCU (the Centre for the Advancement of STEM Teaching and Learning); NYCI’s Development Education Programme; and NYCI’s National Youth Arts Programme.

The programme is comprised of two projects – ‘STEAM in Youth Work’ and ‘Full STEAM Ahead – a partnership approach to STEAM in Youthreach’.