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Clare Youth Action as part of North West Clare Family Resource Centre present ‘Let Us Speak’

We made a call out to young people and youth organisations to create a photograph or a film that portrays their experience of youth participation. This film was then included in our Youth Voices – EU Youth Dialogue consultation report.

The current Cycle of EU Youth Dialogue is exploring “Space and participation for all” with young people across all EU countries. The National Youth Council of Ireland are rolling out the conversations in Ireland and as always we place a high value on the contributions of a wide and diverse cohort of young people. It is vitally important for us that what is captured in this consultation gives us a real picture of young people’s lived experience and a real sense of how they view the world.


We invite you as a young person between 15-30 or as a youth worker/leader to support your young people to engage with this process by creating a photograph or a 1-3min film under the theme of “Space and Participation for all”.


Submit the film and/or photo using form below and attach media consent forms for each young person engaged in the project.


We want young people to get across their views on participation for all, some questions that might be addressed are the following:

  • How are young people represented in decision-making processes that affect them? what they like or what they might change?
  • Recommendations on how to include young people in all parts of the decision making-processes.
  • How would you ensure equal access to everyday decision making for all young people from different backgrounds?
  • What they think the best approach is to deliver info and opportunities for youth participation?
  • How can virtual tools and spaces be used to increase young people’s participation?
  • What kind of physical facilities and infra- structures should be available to young people to participate and what actions should be taken to ensure that they are autonomous, open, safe and accessible?
  • Any further thoughts and insights they have about the “Space and participation for all” EU Youth Cycle.

Supports we will provide to youth workers to deliver this project

  • NYCI will share resources on on the consultation, participatory visual methodologies, and other ways of engaging in the Young Voices – EU Youth Dialogue process.

Our competition is now closed however you are still invited to make videos/ photographs and contribute them to the “Space and participation for all” consultation. If you are interested or want more information please contact

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Young people and youth work organisations

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NYCI International Team



Contact details

Contact and with any queries


  • Deadline has been extended to 18th of January 2021 at 2pm.
  • Submitters must have completed submission form above online and attach their video or photograph. If cant submit using the submission form, submission form must be completed before send video/photo to
  • To be eligible to participate and win a prize, you must be living in Ireland and have an address in Ireland where the prize can be sent.
  • Organisations working with young people under the age of 18 must ensure that they have uploaded completed media consent forms for each of the participants involved in creating the photo or film.
  • Submissions may be no longer than:
    • A series of 3 photographs
    • 1-3 minutes for a video and in .mp4 format
    • All submissions must be respectful of others and not contain any profanity.
  • By submitting your work, you are giving the National Youth Council of Ireland permission to send the photograph and/or film to the European Youth Forum as part of the EU Youth Dialogue consultation and both NYCI and the European Youth Forum can use and reproduce the material you submit, in print, online or otherwise, to promote our programme, or other related activities, and to contact you in relation to the Young Voices and International programmes.
  • If you change your mind about the presentation of your work, it can be removed from the website upon contacting NYCI on However, please be aware that if material is used in print it is not possible for us to remove it once it has been published and NYCI will not be able to remove from the European Youth Forum website directly but can request content to be removed.
  • By submitting personal information (including but not limited to: names, ages, photos and videos or any other media) to the National Youth Council of Ireland as part of your entry into “Space and participation for all” call out, you are giving your consent for the National Youth Council of Ireland to store and process that information for the purposes of processing your entry and for the running of the Young Voices- EU Youth Dialogue programme.
  • The callout will not fall into categories and all works will be judged equally and together. Judging will look for a creative and considered approach. Prizes will range from €100 to €300 All For One Vouchers. The winners will be announced by February 2021. Some of the entries will be added to a report on the consultation in Ireland and be sent to the European Youth Forum as part of a European wide consultation.