Young Voices


In Ireland the EU Youth Dialogue is delivered by NYCI through the Young Voices programme.

By using dynamic and innovative approaches in our engagement with young people and those who work with them we fulfil the objectives of the EU Youth Dialogue.

Encouraging participation, promoting equal participation, including diverse voices, strengthening young peoples citizenship competences and sense of belonging and ultimately bringing about positive change.

Young Voices Creative Advocacy Training

“How to get your voices OUT THERE in a creative way” part of the EU Youth Dialogue Consultation

NYCI is hosting a training day for a limited number of young people who are active within Young Voices – EU Youth Dialogue process and are interested in taking on a role to enhance our impact using creative content. Anyone who has attended a number of Young Voices events and wants to get involved in the work of creative advocacy.

Young Voices NIP Event!

National Implementation Project for EU Youth Dialogue in Ireland

Designed for young people aged 15 to 30 who are interested in having their voice heard and getting involved in making positive change in Ireland and Europe! National Implementation Project (NIP) event in Dublin


Young Voices is implemented by NYCI in partnership with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the National Working Group on EU Youth Dialogue.

Young Voices is a programme that offers ongoing opportunities for young people from age sixteen to thirty years who have an interest in change making.

Within the flow of the 18 month cycle of the EU Presidency we work on thematic areas that are impacting on young people across the EU.

Our challenge is to explore the issues, consult as many young people as possible and ultimately to propose actions that might have a positive outcome for young people at EU and National level.


  • To create a better future by empowering young people to influence decision making.
  • To develop connections between young people, communities and decision makers.
  • To connect, empower, represent, change and make a difference!


Young Voices has a very dynamic approach to how it engages with young people.

We organise events, arrange meetings, deliver presentations, offer outreach and make submissions to decision makers through national structures within the Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures National Policy framework for children and young people (BOBF).

We send delegates to the EU Youth Conference where our ideas, experiences and analysis are combined with young people from across the EU to influence policy at European level.

We offer online consultations, we facilitate workshops and dialogue with policy makers, we host international seminars, deliver residential training courses and send delegates to national and European events.

Young Voices - How does it work?
Click on the image above to see our Prezi explaining how Young Voices works.


Check out the publications section to see the wide variety of outcomes that have been delivered through the work of Young Voices.

Here you will find many consultations with young people developed as part of the EU Youth Dialogue – Young Voices process.

Watch the video to see what some of the Young People involved in Young Voices think!


Youth Dialogue Survey

Join young people from across the EU in sharing your views on important youth issues such as employment, youth work and rural life. The results of the survey will feed into important work at EU and National level through the NYCI and the Dept of Children and Youth Affairs, as part of the EU Youth Dialogue Process, Young Voices.

EU Youth Conference – Finland 1st – 3rd July

The EU Youth Conference will be held in Finland from the 1st to the 3rd of June 2019 and we’re looking for three young people to represent Ireland!

EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027

The resolution on the new EU Youth Strategy, adopted by Ministers on 26th Nov 2018, marks an important step towards recognising the specific challenges faced by […]


Report on Structured Dialogue Consultations with Young People in Ireland – Full Version

Youth in Europe: What Next? Structured Dialogue Cycle VI – Consultation Phase Full report

Youth Check – A Journey towards political participation led by young people

Youth Check is an impact assessment tool designed to consider the impact on young people and children of  any new Policy or Legislation that is relevant […]

Youth Check Report – June 2018

Youth Check is an impact assessment tool designed to consider the impact on young people and children of  any new Policy or Legislation that is relevant […]

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