UN Youth Delegate Programme

Supporting young people from Ireland to be represented at the United Nations

Since 2015, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and NYCI have partnered to provide the opportunity for young Irish people to participate in the UN Youth Delegate Programme.

Each year, two UN Youth Delegates are chosen to form part of Ireland’s official delegation to the United Nations General Assembly. The aim of this public diplomacy initiative is to provide a platform for young people from Ireland to be represented at the United Nations, and to facilitate greater engagement with Irish youth on national and foreign policy issues. This is a unique opportunity for those wishing to get involved in developing policies that affect young people.


United Nations Youth Delegate Programme for Ireland 2019 – 2020

The National Youth Council of Ireland, together with the Department of Foreign Affairsand Trade, were delighted to announce the call for applications for the United Nations Youth Delegate Programme for Ireland 2019 – 2020 which will support two young people (one male and one female) aged between 18-25 years (on June 8th 2019) to join Ireland’s delegation to the United Nations in New York in September/October 2019 and January/March 2020 (Dates TBC).

Applications have now closed.
To stay up to date on NYCI’s work and be alerted when the next round of applications opens for 2020/2021 you can sign up here.


Young people are empowered to be active global citizens contributing to building a world of justice, equity, and dignity.
The UN Youth Delegates are supported to be agents of change through active engagement in the United Nations.

  • To directly involve young people from Ireland in the international development policy and decision-making agenda;
  • To hear and include the voice of young people on development and global citizenship issues at local, national, and international levels;
  • To promote development and youth policies among young people in Ireland;
  • To familiarise young people in Ireland with global development issues and opportunities for involvement they have in this regard;
  • To support global citizenship activities and development initiatives in Ireland.

This is the fourth year that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has sponsored the UN Youth Delegate Programme in partnership with NYCI.

In previous years, Ireland’s UN Youth Delegates have worked with young people at home and abroad to bring the issues that matter most to them to national and international attention. UN Youth Delegates have worked closely with DFAT staff and have accompanied the Tánaiste and Ministers of State to events to help ensure that the voice of young people is heard.

  • UN General Assembly Ireland’s UN Youth Delegates have addressed the Third Committee at the UN General Assembly in New York on issues affecting young people.
  • UN High Level Political Forum
  • UN Commission on the Status of Women
  • Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Forum
  • European Youth Forum
  • UN Commission for Social Development and ECOSOC Youth Forum
  • Web Summit
  • BT Young Scientist Exhibition

If you would like to learn more and stay up to date with news and information about the UN Youth Delegates work, you can follow at the DFAT and NYCI Twitter and Facebook accounts or on the NYCI website.


Generation For Change UN Youth Delegates Report

A Generation for Change: Spotlight Report on Young People, the Sustainable Development Goals and Ireland is a report by Ireland’s UN youth Delegates that details issues […]

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