One World Week:
Global Identity

Global Identity Summit

Do we fully understand what being part of this global community means? How do we define our global identity? What is it? Who decides it? What are the responsibilities and consequences that young people have with this global identity and how important is it for youth work and youth spaces to engage in developing this identity and relationship with our planet and its people?

One of the many challenges within communities and people around the world has been the dynamics of individual choices and collective decision making. It has been a moment where power inequalities have become more apparent in creating further injustice and inequality across the planet. The power of the individual mindset remains at the forefront of society with social media, consumerism, and mass media feeding our fears that is fracturing and dividing young people throughout the world.

Talking Global Podcast

Welcome to the Talking Global podcast series. A series of conversations about the global realities of being a youth worker and working with young people of today. 

Join hosts Leo Gilmartin and Dermot O’Brien from the National Youth Council of Ireland Global Youth Work team for insights, inspiration and practical tools to help you in your work.

Resource: The Global YOUth – Journey to Act!

No need to be an expert! Easily build global issues into your work.

This free resource pack includes:

  • Ready to run activities, with step by step instructions
  • Tools and templates to support your global youth work
  • Knowledge sections on individual and collective action
  • Support and guidance for young people and youth workers on their journey at an individual and group level

This resource is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to look at the big issues with your group. No matter if you are short on time, or don’t feel you have enough knowledge – there is something in here for you! Broken into 4 stages, the resource include all the knowledge, skills and guided activities for you to use with and for young people, using non-formal development education methodologies:

  1. Connect with the ‘self’
  2. Meeting young people where they are at
  3. Seeing and claiming our global identity
  4. Collective action

Videos from the Summit

Watch the promotional video

Seminar 1: Working for YOUth? Global Youth Work

Seminar 2: One World, Many Stories

Seminar 3: Young People, Youth Work and the Gaming Identity

Podcast: Sustainable Sleepover Club

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