One World Week 2021: November 20th – 27th

The Global YOUth – Journey to Act!

Young people are more globally connected than ever before. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, and stories we tell, all are interconnected at personal, local, national, and global levels. This year’s One World Week theme is our global identity and how connected it is to collective action and shaping the future.

Join us throughout the week to hear from young people and youth workers on how globally connected their identity and organisations have become, through  fun interactive activities, powerful stories of collective journeys, important discussion on the lives of young people, the SDGs, and taking action!

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One World Week Summit

This year’s youth summit has been transformed into a week-long festival of activities, inspiration and youth activism.

Take a look at what we have in store for you! 

Free Resources + Activity Plans

Young people are more globally connected than ever before. Build action on global issues affecting people and planet into your youth work and activism with this easy to use resource pack.

This free resource pack includes:

  • Ready to run activities, with step by step instructions
  • Tools and templates to support your global youth work
  • Knowledge sections on individual and collective action
  • Support and guidance for young people and youth workers on their journey at an individual and group level

One World Week Training: The Global YOUth – Journey to Act!

Event such as the climate crisis, COVID 19 and the recent Afghanistan humanitarian crisis has once again highlighted the need for global community to act. However, do we fully understand what being part of this global community means? how do we define our global identity? And what can we do to tap into the collective action needed to act on global issues affecting people and planet today.

These are some critical questions that youth work and youth spaces need to engage with. To support these conversations, our One World Week resource this year will tackle the theme of “Global identity and Collective actions”.


Building Back Better: Youth, Power and Planet

This toolkit explores the issue of power and helps you make links to the Sustainable Development Goals. It is designed for global educators, youth workers, development […]

Climate Revolution: One World Week development education and global citizenship education resource pack

Young people across the planet have become instrumental and a leading voice in taking action against Climate Change and for Climate Justice.

Sustainable Development Goals And Youth

World leaders have agreed a new set of Global Goals – or Sustainable Development Goals – to end extreme poverty, fight inequality, and address climate change. […]

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One World Week 2021 is a collaboration with our member organisations, Scouting Ireland, YMCA Cork, Limerick Institute of Technology, and our Youth 2030 partners. One World Week is funded by Irish Aid.