May 27-29th 2023 

What was the Artivism Summer School?

The immersive summer school experience, a collaboration between NYCI’s Youth Arts Programme and Global Youth Work programme,  provided space for participants to benefit from a supportive environment where they explored their own creativity and activism, reflected on global youth work as a critical youth work practice, and shared experiences with peers. With lots of practical, creative activities; visual arts and spoken word workshops led by artists; group experiences and Discussions! 

What is Artivism?

A combination of art and activism, or artistic activism, artivism is the use of creative and artistic methods of expression to question, challenge, cultivate awareness, and motivate change in society. This 3-day residential summer school focused on developing skills in visual arts and spoken word, while delving into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)We used a pathway that took participants from the personal to the local, the national, and the global (the PLiNGs) to show how artivism can provoke curiosity and engage critical thinking skills,  This event supported participants to explore art as a means for social change and facilitate engagement in a form of creative expression that can inspire awareness, action and changemaking behaviour. 

Contributing Artists

Conan Wynne 

Conan Wynne is a Dublin born artist, currently directing at Phase art centre in Rathgar. He is always on the lookout for new techniques which take advantage of cutting-edge technology to utilise in immersive installations. He delivers workshops in creating graffiti art, designing murals and street art, as well digital art skills.  

Kelvin Akpaloo 

Kelvin Akpaloo is a facilitator and spoken word artist, youth leader, creative director, choreographer, and artistic director. He is passionate about promoting human rights education, inclusion, integration of minorities, and community and youth development. He works at both the national and international levels, using the creative arts, especially spoken word poetry, and dance as methods to empower young people and youth workers in tackling inequality both locally and globally. 

Interactive Gallery!

Please check out this link for an interactive tour of a gallery created from the ARTIVISM Summer School to give you a flavour of what happened and some of the ongoing work.


What parts of the training are most useful to your role?

  • ‘I think the confidence boost it gave in what I do really helped. I feel like I forget sometimes how much of an impact I can have on my young peoples lives. I feel like I take the back burner a lot when facilitating. So just knowing I am powerful and what I can do know is going to be super helpful’
  • ‘Getting the young people to think about the bigger picture in their lives and then empower them to take their insight knowledge and wisdom to have a happier outlook in their life. The SDG are very tangible and the graffiti is way more accessible than i previously thought.’

Final take-aways:

  • Just honestly thank you so much. I had the best time, the weather was gorgeous. Met the most amazing people and felt very validated that I am on the right path. Just having a break from work and family and just life was amazing. Made me see the importance of self care. You guys are stars I can’t thank you enough.’
  • ‘Thank you both for creating this support elevating training that has help sparked my purpose. Great appreciation.’
  • ‘I found the weekend absolutely amazing the skill I am taking away are so transferable and will be so beneficial to the groups I am working with. Thank you to our facilitators, they were so empowering and comfortable to be around thank you.’

Photo Gallery

Contact Information

The Arts Team and the Global Youth Work Team are collaborating again for a Summer School in May 2024More details to follow but email Rhona, if you are interested and want to hear more.