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Youth2030 Information and Support for the Irish Aid Global Citizenship Education Grants Round

What is the The Irish Aid Global Citizenship Education Grant Round?

The Irish Aid GCE Fund offers a unique and dedicated opportunity to enable young people to develop the confidence, resilience, and critical thinking skills they need to be actively involved in society, to reach their potential and to become change makers – personally, locally, nationally, and globally. usually takes place during the months of October-December, although this may change from year to year.  


Youth 2030 offers support, Information and Support sessions for youth organisations interested in the Irish Aid Global Citizenship Education Grant

When is the application for the grant open? 

The grant application usually occurs between November-December, but this may vary from year to year. This page and our social media channels will be updated to reflect when the application opens. 

Information and Support Sessions

The Information and Support Sessions are free of charge to all and offered online.  Importantly, we co-ordinate with IDEA to run complementary support sessions for the youth sector.  While IDEA offering guidance for all applicants working within a DE context, while the sessions delivered by Youth2030 are youth sector specific. 


  1. An Introduction to the Irish Aid GCE fund with two current youth sector grant holders delivering a strong local-global focus, a Q & A opportunity, and an overview of the funding goals. 
  2. Results Framework in a Youth Work Context.  In this session, with assistance from Susan Gallwey we go through a results framework template, use examples from a youth work context.  We recommend the IDEA Results Framework Toolkit as a very helpful resource to support the development of a results framework.  
  3. Managing the budget. In this session, the Y2030 team goes through developing a budget to support the application. 
  4. Separately we offer one to one support sessions to support the application, outside of these Information and Support sessions. 

Who attends these sessions?

We invite any youth organisation interested in understanding more about this funding stream to attend the first Information and Support session, which is delivered by two youth organisations, currently holding the fund The subsequent sessions are for those organisations submitting an application to Irish Aid.  

Tools that support the Irish Aid Application

Contact Information

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