Global Youth Work

Global Youth Work is good youth work.
The aim is to explore a young person’s role in their local community and in a globalised world.


NYCI responds to the need for Global Youth Work through the Youth2030 Programme. Youth 2030 is a Global Youth Work (GYW) and Development Education (DE) programme funded by Irish Aid, which strives to increase the integration, quality, and spread of global youth work and development education in non-formal youth work education, organisations, and projects. Global Youth work explores global issues with young people (poverty, inequality, hunger, injustice, and climate change, among others) through acknowledgment of their role in the local community, as well as their connection to the broader, globalised world.

The Youth2030 Programme is a consortium project led by NYCI involving Concern Worldwide, Trócaire, and Maynooth University.

Global Youth Work (GYW) Programmes:

One World Week

One World Week enables young people to learn about local and global justice issues, empowering them to take action for positive change.

Climate Justice

The Future Generations: Climate Justice Project explores issues of social justice issues in response to climate change (ie. Climate Justice).

Training & Continuous Professional Development

We provide tailor-made training to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver quality global youth work.

Sustainable Development Goals

All Global Youth Work projects and initiatives are strongly rooted in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Youth Delegate Programmes

Each year, two UN Youth Delegates are chosen to form part of Ireland’s official delegation to the United Nations General Assembly. Additionally, one Climate Youth Delegate is selected as an official Irish delegate to the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC.

Capacity Building

Through our capacity work, we seek to strengthen, resource, and empower the youth sector to be informed, skilled and engaged as global citizens.

Gaming & Global Youth Work

Games have long been used as a mechanism for engaging, motivating, and encouraging collaboration in a youth work context.

Get Involved

Whether you have engaged with global youth work before, we have many opportunities to help you start or continue your journey.

Meet the Team

Valerie Duffy
Global Youth Work
Programme Manager

Sally Daly
Capacity Development, Monitoring
& Evaluation Officer

Eimear Manning
Youth & Climate Justice
Development Officer

Aidan Farrelly
Higher Education &
Research Project Officer


Aaron Fallon
Dev Ed Training &
Membership Officer

Niamh Flynn
Capacity Development &
Training Officer

Global Youth Work News

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Our Partners

‘Youth 2030’, the National Programme for Global Youth Work and Development Education, is a partnership between the National Youth Council of Ireland and Irish Aid.

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is working in consortia with Concern Worldwide, Maynooth University, and Trócaire to deliver global youth work and development education in the youth sector.