Equality & Intercultural

We support you to embed equality, inclusion, diversity and interculturalism in your youth work setting

We provide a unique and innovative suite of training programmes, resources, policy development, advice, and networking opportunities. We have carried out research to support youth work organisations to engage more effectively with young people from minority ethnic backgrounds. Central to our work is hearing the voice of young people furthest from the mainstream. NYCI members are invited to join our Equality and Inclusion Support Network.
Our equality and intercultural support includes:
  • Access All Areas Diversity Toolkit (a self assessment tool for youth workers and managers) 13 Chapters – with checklist – on working with young people from minority or marginalised groups
  • Lets Act on Inclusion video series 
  • 8 Steps to Inclusive Youth Work – a self-assessment tool to see how your organisation is performing on inclusion related issues – mapped against your reporting in NQSF and the National Youth Strategy – with good practice examples from 16 youth organisations.
  • Educational Tool and Practice Manual on Transforming Hate in Youth Settings: an Educational Tool and Practice Manual
  • Transforming Shadows activity resource for those working with young people on resilience, emotional development and overcoming conflict.
  • Bridges & Barriers to Unity a toolkit for youth work to promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Beyond hate activity resource for youth workers
  • See the research Make Minority a Priority on the experiences of minority ethnic young people’s experiences growing up in Ireland.
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  • Would you like to make contact with others doing intercultural and inclusive youth work?
  • Would you like training in intercultural and inclusive youth work?
  • Are you looking for support on the equality and inclusiveness requirements in the NQSF?
  • Would you like the names of drama or art facilitators with expertise in intercultural and inclusive youth work?
  • If you have a question, concern, request or comment please email Anne anne@nyci.ie or phone 01 4784122 or 086 7807705

Transforming Hate in Youth Settings

This educational tool and practice manual outlines an innovative new approach on how to transform hate in youth work settings. Focused on the youth worker, and their practice, it looks at self-awareness, taking a needs based approach, and building connections with young people though empathic listening.

Make Minority a Priority

This qualitive study explores the perspectives and experiences of 50 young minority ethnic people aged 15 to 24 years who have grown up in Ireland.

Access All Areas

This resource is essential for anyone working with young people and invites organisations to examine how they engage with youth from a variety of backgrounds. Access All Areas can be used with NYCI’s video series “Let’s Act on Inclusion“.

8 Steps to Inclusive Youth Work

The toolkit is broken up into 8 easy-to-follow steps, to help you identify how good inclusive practice is evident and measurable in your organisation’s youth work, while also referencing it directly to the NQSF Core Principles and Standards and to the Outcomes in the National Youth Strategy.

Map of Youth Work activities for Young Refugees

This online resource, developed by the NYCI, is designed to support young asylum seekers and refugees to link in to youth work activities in their area. It is developed in correspondence with the county based leaflets.

Making Links

Making Links is for anyone in Ireland who is running a minority ethnic youth group already or who has advanced plans to run a minority ethnic youth group. It is open to faith based, community based and issue based youth groups.

Hear My Truth

Welcome to our “Hear My Truth” platform where we feature young rights holding facilitators, trainers and speakers. Members of the team are available to facilitate focus groups and workshops, deliver awareness-raising presentations, and contribute to panel discussions; they address issues of access to rights and justice.

No Hate Speech

Are you concerned about hate speech being used by young people or against young people you work with? Find out more about the Irish campaign of the wider European No Hate Speech Movement.

Equality & Intercultural Training

Introduction to Transformative and Compassionate Practice in Youth Work E-Learning Course

The Equality and Intercultural Programme in the National Youth Council of Ireland supports the youth work sector to develop responsive, equal, and inclusive youth work practice. This e-learning introduces youth workers and volunteers to a way of working with young people who cause harm or hate through hateful language and actions to those from (or perceived to be from) minority or marginalised identities.

Inclusive Youth Work – Social Justice as a Core Principle E-Learning Course

The Equality and Intercultural Programme in the National Youth Council of Ireland supports the youth work sector to develop responsive, equal, and inclusive youth work practice.This e-learning introduces youth workers and volunteers to key aspects of social justice and explains how it is a core principle of inclusive youth work.

Transforming Hate in Youth Work Settings

This training focuses on tackling hateful speech or behaviours in real and lasting ways. We come from the premise that hate and discrimination will not be changed by taking a punitive approach. The training gives tools to the youth worker to build their self-awareness, learn the principles of compassionate communication and adopt a needs-based approach to bring about lasting change.

Equality & Intercultural Resources

Submission on the National Action Plan Against Racism (2021)

NYCI’s submission relates specifically to young people’s experiences of racism and the recommendations they, and the youth work sector have asked us to convey.

8 Steps to Inclusive Youth Work

Let’s make sure you have all the bases covered when it comes to equality and inclusion.

Equality, Inclusion, and Intercultural resources

This extensive resource list includes activity resources, educational resources and key contacts. It is set out under headings referring to specific minority and marginalised groups as […]

Equality & Intercultural News

New Edit of Transforming Hate in Youth Settings manual launched

The NYCI Equality and Intercultural Programme, together with Dannielle McKenna, Project Manager at Rialto Youth Project, are delighted to bring you this newly edited copy of Transforming Hate in Youth Settings manual.

Traveller Pride 2023- Celebration of Culture, History and Identity

Happy Traveller Pride week from all of us at NYCI! In this blog post, Rachel Coffey, proud Traveller* and newest member of NYCI’s Equality and Intercultural team, shares how youth workers can best support the Traveller community

Are you tackling racism in your youth setting?

March is Anti-Racism Month, and with the increase of far-right agitation and greater levels of racism circulating on social media young people are more exposed than […]

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