Digital Youth Work

Promoting Digital Youth Work in the youth sector

Digital Youth Work

NYCI promotes the use of Digital Youth Work in youth work settings. We use innovative methodologies to increase the use of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) to support the achievement of youth work outcomes and train youth workers to support the young people they work with to deal with both the risks and opportunities that living in an increasingly digitalised world bring.

Digital Youth Work Resources

Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation. Emerging knowledge for practice and policy.

Can the digital revolution help us to tackle existing inequalities, or does it leave some young people even further behind? Is the digital world equally accessible to all young people? What are some of the inherent inequalities within the digital sphere? Do digital tools enable youth organisations, youth workers or state bodies to “reach out” to marginalised young people?

Web Safety in Youth Work Resource

This resource from has been created to support those who work with young people in all youth work organisations who often share similar concerns, risks and challenges to ensure all young people, staff, volunteers are safe online. However, each organisation should consider how the issues raised in this resource should be adapted to their own local context and what will work most effectively in their practice.

The information in this resource is designed to highlight the key issues to be considered when working online with young people and to sign post to other resources that can support youth work organisations to work safe online with young people.