Monitoring and Evaluation

Transforming youth work approach using the tools of development education.

The NYCI Youth 2030 Global Youth Work and Development Education Programme, alongside Irish Aid, are committed to demonstrating the transformative effects of a global youth work approach using the tools of development education.

In addition, we also want to showcase how much young people benefit from their involvement in global youth work. We do this by:

  • Using a logic model to plan out all aspects of our approach
  • Planning an approach that is relevant and responsive
    • Creating surveys that are specific to each event
    • Shaping our tools according to the needs and capacities of participants to deliver an inclusive approach
  • Supporting monitoring, self-evaluation and reflective practice by using interactive tools that are accessible and not overly demanding
  • Building stories of change over time to capture the qualitative impacts in youth work practice
  • Adapting our monitoring and evaluation responses to match the requirements of our project participants
  • In addition, we are developing good practice tools and guidelines to the youth sector, including creating accessible tools for monitoring and evaluating your development education projects. This is an ongoing area of work and development for us.