Digital Media Literacy Programme for Teens

If you are a youth worker or work with young people, this resource has been developed and adapted with you in mind.

NYCI’s Child Protection Programme is delighted to have worked with Webwise to adapt its “Connected” school programme to provide a resource that contains information, workshops, and practical activities that can be used by youth workers and volunteers in their work with young people.
This resource will aid those working with young people to think critically about how they can engage safely in the online world.

The Connected programme has been adapted from the Connected: An Introduction to Digital Media Literacy educational resource developed by Webwise for facilitators of the Junior Cycle Digital Media Literacy Short Course.

This programme comprises of 4 workshops that contain information, presentation slides, video and worksheets which explore online wellbeing, false information, big data and young people’s rights online.

Connected aims to empower young people to be effective, autonomous and safe users of technology and online media.



This workshop aims to look at the opportunities and potential challenges young people experience online. Young people will explore ways to manage their online wellbeing and build digital resilience. Young people will also discuss respectful online communication and will consider appropriate responses to inappropriate, offensive, or sensitive material being shared online.


This workshop examines the responsible and ethical use of media and explores different types of misinformation. It aims to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to enable young people to distinguish between false information and accurate and reliable information. Young people will explore how to evaluate information online and recognise bias and prejudice online.


This workshop introduces young people to the topic of big data and gives them an opportunity to explore how the data economy works. It aims to explore how and why online companies use personal information, the benefits it can bring and critique the ethical use of this information for profit.


This workshop aims to increase awareness and knowledge of young people’s online rights, e.g. the right to be forgotten, privacy, the right to information etc. It explores the legal framework protecting young people’s rights online and considers the responsibilities and risks presented by young people’s use of social media.

About Webwise

Webwise is the Irish internet safety awareness centre that promotes safer, better Internet use through awareness raising and education initiatives targeting teachers, children, young people and parents.

Webwise develops and disseminates resources that help teachers integrate digital citizenship and online safety into teaching and learning in their schools. Webwise also provides information, advice, and tools to parents to support their engagement in their children’s online lives. With the help of the Webwise Youth Advisory Panel, Webwise develops youth-oriented awareness-raising resources and training programmes that promote digital citizenship and address topics such as online wellbeing, cyberbullying and more.