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March 8, 2014

Don’t consume, create!

How TechSpace is working for Youth Work. Workshop by TechSpace. A major challenge for ICT in youth work is moving from consuming through technology to creating […]
March 8, 2014

Revenge Porn Workshop

Can youth organisations address the issue of privacy in the online world? This workshop explored offline vs. online privacy aspects of society; privacy threats and challenges […]
March 8, 2014

Screenagers Presentation by Dr Brian O’Neill

Presentation by Dr Brian O’Neill, Dublin Institute of Technology/EU Kids Online
March 8, 2014

Screenagers International Seminar 2014 – Programme

The Screenagers International Seminar took place from March 31st to April 2nd. It was convened to create a space for stakeholders from across Europe to engage […]
March 8, 2013

Game Over Hate

This workshop explored hate in video games, raising awareness of the phenomenon and community based measures to address it.
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