Development Education

December 15, 2021

Jessica – my found family

I found there was a space between having babies and having kids at school, and I was at a bit of a loss
December 15, 2021

Faye – embracing the weird

We celebrate the weird and extraordinary and unusual
December 15, 2021

Louisa – showing young people that they have choices

He looked at me and he said: “shouting is the only way I ever get heard.”
December 14, 2021

Blessing – the girl from direct provision

It was their first time coming across a Black Irish person and they were really intrigued
December 14, 2021

Ben – learning not to be a sheep

I’ve figured out who I am, and that I really want to make a difference
December 14, 2021

Skye – finding confidence through volunteering

Volunteering has shaped me into the person I am
December 14, 2021

Jacky – finding my path in life

My life goal is to try everything, and it's volunteering that's given me this passion
December 14, 2021

Louisa – a quiet space

Some of the young people that come in to us, there's a lot going on at home
December 14, 2021

Faye – volunteering built my tribe

I learned so much about autism from the young people and their families
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