One World Week Festival 2022

November 19th – 26th 2022

Globalisation – The Youth and The Truth

One World Week is back, and this time we are tackling one of the biggest challenges of them all: Globalisation.

Get ready for a week jam-packed with activities, inspiration and activism. With events for youth workers as well as young people, both online and in person, you’re bound to find something to inspire you!

From the National Climate Justice Conference, and this year’s Global Youth Summit – where we finally get to celebrate One World Week in person again 👏 – to sessions that invite you to get curious about photos of the global south, and “what it means to be left behind,” exploring fast fashion, climate change, access to education, housing and homelessness and more… there really is something for everyone this year.

What takes place in one part of the world can have massive ripples and repercussions in our village, in our towns, across Europe, and the Global South.

But this has come with a cost. A human cost and an environmental cost. We now stand at the crossroads of globalisation. On the one hand, we have suffering, inequality, and devastation, we know that inequality has increased under globalisation. On the other hand, we have human flourishing, new opportunities, and growth.

The decisions we make will determine which path we will take.

How well do young people understand their relationships and connections with global economics, culture, the environment, political forces, and technology that may determine the sustainable future of the planet.

How can we respond? How can we support young people with this global connection? Where do we begin?

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Event 1 – 19th Nov – Global Youth Summit – Dublin City

Join us as we celebrate One World Week once again in-person. On the day we will explore this new global world and experience what globalisation has to offer young people in 2022. You will be […]

Event 2 – 22nd Nov – Have your say! Leave No One Behind & why it’s important for youth work – Online

Do you talk to young people about:   Fast fashion  Climate change  Access to education  Housing and homelessness  Access to health services, including mental health services  If […]

Event 3 – 23rd Nov – National Climate Justice Conference – Dublin City

Join us for interactive workshops, panel discussions, and gain ideas from a showcasing event of other Irish youth organisations who are already working with young people […]

Event 4 – 24th Nov – What’s in a photo? Unpacking photos of the Global South – Online

How do we tell stories of young people from the Global South?  Our imagination is shaped by images from social media, TV, ads and films.  Sometimes […]

Globalisation: The YOUth and The Truth!

This One World Week resource focuses on Globalisation and our relationship and connection to a globalised world. Relationships and connection are core principles of youth work and in working with young people. It is these everyday interactions, conversations, stories, that define the culture of a group and organisation. Understanding the relationship and connections we have with global issues and global movements is also important in the development of young people and working with groups of young people.