Hear my truth

Amplifying voices for rights and justice

Welcome to “Hear my truth”

Welcome to our “Hear My Truth” platform where we feature young rights holding facilitators, trainers and speakers. Members of the team are available to facilitate focus groups and workshops, deliver awareness-raising presentations, and contribute to panel discussions; they address issues of access to rights and justice.

This platform was created as part of a capacity building project centring on young Rights Holders funded by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC).

About Hear My Truth

This platform features young leaders who are empowered, articulate and powerful change makers who identify as belonging to various communities facing discrimination and exclusion (including racism, homophobia, classism, disablism, and gender discrimination).

They have been collaborating with NYCI’s Equality and Intercultural programme for some time and are keen to bring their skillsets to wider audiences.

We focus on:

  • Amplifying the voices of rights holding young people
  • Valuing their lived experiences
  • Acknowledging and witnessing their power to affect change

NYCI acknowledges the inspiration of the Shout Out platform for minority ethnic youth voices coordinated by Melbourne’s Centre For Multicultural Youth (cmy.net.au)

Young leaders aged 19 to 30 from communities facing discrimination and exclusion, who are ready to share their experiences and views with a wider audience through facilitation, training, workshops and speaking engagements. They are passionate about:

  • Getting their voices heard in the right places,
  • Advocating strategically for their communities, and the issues that matter to them
  • Celebrating their identities
  • Standing in solidarity with each other

Young people from Hear My Truth deliver fresh, engaging and thought-provoking perspectives as speakers, peer facilitators, workshop hosts, trainers and panel members in a range of settings. They welcome enquiries from:

  • Youth services
  • Community Organisations and Groups
  • Events organised by civil society organisations
  • Media

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Lorna Costelloe

Deeshan Camiah

Farah Elle

Conor McAuley

Abiola Muhammed

Ahmed Mansour

Karen Power

Kelvin Akpaloo

Kelvin Akpaloo

Ryma Halfaoui

Megan Atkinson

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