Globalisation – The Youth and The Truth

Free Resources + Activity Plans

No need to be an expert! Easily build global issues into your work.

This free resource pack includes:

  • Ready to run activities, with step by step instructions
  • Tools and templates to support your global youth work
  • Knowledge sections on individual and collective action
  • Support and guidance for young people and youth workers on their journey at an individual and group level

Let’s make sure you have all the bases covered when it comes to Global Youth Work.

This resource is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to look at the this big and complex issue of Globalisation with your group. No matter if you are short on time, or don’t feel you have enough knowledge – there is something in here for you! Broken into 5 faces of Globalisation, the resource include all the knowledge, skills and guided activities for you to use with and for young people, using non-formal development education methodologies:

  1. Environmental
  2. Cultural
  3. Political
  4. Economic
  5. Technological
5 faces of gloabalisation

Access the tools you need to plan and run inspiring global youth work activities!

One World Week

For more information on this year’s One World Week and to how you can get involved…