‘Full STEAM Ahead’ equipment giveaway application form

Equipment giveaway for a STEAM summer programme at your Youthreach Centre!

To celebrate ‘Full STEAM Ahead’, NYCI and partners are delighted to offer equipment worth up to €150 towards STEAM summer sessions in Youthreach centres.

Whether you are brand new to STEAM or you have previously taken part in NYCI’s STEAM training, you are welcome.

Fifteen equipment grants are available. Grants can be used towards the equipment needed to deliver your STEAM activity, session or project with young people by end of Summer 2021 (e.g. wet weather gear for ecology projects, dark room materials, copper wire, card, electronic components etc).


Terms and conditions

  • Fifteen awards are available and centres will be selected to ensure geographical spread and that a range of levels of experience are supported.
  • Equipment grants of up to €150 will be awarded (€5 will be awarded for each young person/session. So, for example, if you plan to deliver three sessions with 10 young people, you will be awarded 3 x 10 x €5 = €150).
  • We will let you know if your application has been successful by 1st April 2021.
  • Equipment grants must be claimed by 30th April 2021. Claims made after this date will not be processed and payments will be awarded to another centre.
  • The STEAM activities, sessions or projects delivered must have science, engineering or maths components and cannot solely be focused on technology or art. They must be completed by 31st August 2021.
  • To claim your grant you must first purchase equipment and then send receipts with an organisational invoice to Barbara@nyci.ie for reimbursement. We can help you identify the equipment you need and a supplier which your Centre/ETB will be able to purchase from. Payments will be transferred to the bank account of a registered charitable or public organisation. We will only reimburse you for equipment that can be used to deliver the STEAM activities, sessions or projects outlined in your application.


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