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Factsheet On Cuts To Under 26s Jobseekers (2010)

Factsheet on cuts to under 26s jobseekers document cover

Nyci Pre Budget Submission 2014

NYCI-Pre-Budget-Submission-2014_final document cover

In this submission, NYCI outlines what it believes to be priorities for Government action and spending in the areas of: 1. Defending Youth Work Services 2. […]

Achievements Irish Eu Presidency 2013

Achievements_Irish_EU_Presidency_2013 document cover

The Irish Presidency managed to secure the commitment of all member states to the Youth Guarantee. It will give young people under the age of 25 […]

Contribution Of Quality Youth Work (eu, 2013)

Contribution_of_quality_youth-work document cover image

Statement on the Contribution of Quality Youth Work

Council Of The Eu Conclusions On Maximising The Potential Of Youth Policy In Addressing The Goals Of The Europe 2020 Strategy

Maximising_the_potential_of_youth_policy document cover image

Maximizing the Potential of Youth Policy

Time To Go? A Qualitative Research Study Exploring The Experience And Impact Of Emigration On Ireland’s Youth

NYCI_Youth_Emigration_Report document cover

By interviewing young people who have emigrated to the UK and to Canada about their experience, the study explores: 1. Where are Irish youth emigrating to […]

Nyci Submission To Constitutional Convention Reducing Voting Age

NYCI_Submission_to_Constitutional_Convention_reducing-voting-age document cover

We note that the Convention is focusing on extending to the voting age to 17, however, our submission puts forward the arguments in favour of reducing […]

NYCI Infographic Factsheet: Youth Guarantee

NYCI_051_A4_accessible document cover

NYCI Infographic Factsheet: Youth Guarantee

Eu Youth Guarantee Factsheet (2013)

NYCI_051_A4_accessible document cover

The youth guarantee would offer a young person aged 18 to 24 a job, work experience, apprenticeship, training or combined work and training within a defined […]

Speech From Commissioner Laszlo Andor On The Social Situation Yearly Review 2012

Andor_speech_Emp_2013 document cover

  Speech from Commissioner László Andor on the Social Situation Yearly Review 2012. The speech was made at an event to launch the second Employment and […]

Nyci Budget 2013 Analysis – ‘further Cuts And More Austerity’

NYCI_Budget_2013_Analysis_Final document cover

Budget 2013 offers little support for children and young people. Many of the budgetary measures were harsh and draconian and will affect some of the most […]

Nyci Pre Budget Submission 2013

NYCI-Pre-Budget-Submission-2013 document cover

NYCI Pre-Budget Submission for Budget 2013

Assessment Of The Economic Value Of Youthwork

Economic Beneifit Youthwork 2012 document cover

The results of the cost-benefit assessment of the economic value of youth work presented in this study suggest that the public funding provided by the State […]

Eu Youth Report: Results Of Eu Youth Strategy 2010-2012

eu_youth_report_swd_results_of_eu_youth_strategy_2010-2012 document cover

The EU Youth Report adopted on 10th September 2012, calls for youth employment, social inclusion, health and the well-being of young people to be top priorities in […]

Childrens Rights Alliance Summary Of The Childrens Referendum Wording 041012

Childrens-Rights-Alliance-Summary-of-the-Childrens-Referendum-Wording-041012 document cover

If passed, the Children’s Referendum will insert a new Article into the Constitution.

Oireachtas 31stamendmentconstitutionbill2012 180912

Oireachtas-31stAmendmentConstitutionBill2012_180912 document cover

Nyci Submission To Review Of White Paper On Irish Aid (2012)

NYCI-Submission-to-Review-of-White-Paper-on-Irish-Aid document cover

The submission focuses on a number of key issues and makes recommendations to advance the objectives of the work. The submission outlines our views on the […]

Nyci Presentation To The Joint Oireachtas Committee On Health And Children On The Heads Of Children First Bill

NYCI-Presentation-to-the-Joint-Oireachtas-Committee-on-Health-and-Children-on-the-Heads-of-Children-First-Bill document cover

Date of presentation: 9th May 2012 The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) was invited to present to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children […]

Children First Heads Of Bill: Nyci Presentation To The Joint Oireachtas Committee On Health And Children

Final-submission-on-the-Children-First-Heads-of-Bill-July-2012_0 document cover

Date of presentation: 9th May 2012 The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) was invited to present to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children […]

Presentation To The Joint Oireachtas Committee On Jobs Social Protection And Education On Unemployment And Youth 25 4 2012

Presentation-to-the-Joint-Oireachtas-Committee-on-Jobs-Social-Protection-and-Education-on-Unemployment-and-Youth-25_4_2012 document cover

Download presentation here (pdf) >> Date of presentation: 25 April 2012 Areas covered: NYCI Research and Consultation with Young Jobseekers NEES (Employment and Entitlements Service Employment […]

Youth Work Policy And Delivery In Ireland – North South Context (2012)

Youth_Work_Policy_and_Delivery_in_Ireland_North_South_Context document cover

A Working Group comprising of the Youth Council for NI, Education and Library Boards, Youthnet, Vocational Educational Committees and the National Youth Council of Ireland was […]

How Do We Know Its Working Conference Report (2012)

How_do-we_know_its-working_Conference_Report_web document cover

The conference was organised by the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) and Youthnet on behalf of the North South Working Group funded by Youth Education […]

Submission On The National Vetting Bill (2012)

Submission_on_the_National_Vetting_Bill document cover

NYCI welcomes the opportunity to respond to the draft heads of the National Vetting Bill. We have campaigned for many years for the introduction of mandatory […]

Nyci Presentation To Joint Committee On European Affairs On Fiscal Compact

NYCI-Presentation-to-Joint-Committee-on-European-Affairs-on-Fiscal-Compact document cover

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) met with the Joint Oireachtas Committee on European Union Affairs today on the fiscal compact. NYCI Assistant Director, James […]