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Review of the youth work sector response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Final NYCI Report on COVID-19 the Youth Sector - COMPLETE - 27 Sept 2020 document cover

In June 2020 NYCI commissioned an independent review of the youth work sector response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The research examined the following: How has the […]

Consent and the Youth Sector – What do we know? Executive Summary

Executive Summary_single_pages document cover

A Needs Assessment of Workers and Volunteers in the Youth Sector

Let’s Talk About Consent: a guide for youth workers exploring the topic of consent with young people

Final - Lets Talk About Consent -Youth _workers document cover

This guide for youth workers provides an introduction to the concept of consent and include information on: Consent and the Irish Law Tools to build the […]

Let’s Talk About Consent: a guide for young people exploring the topic of consent

Let’s Talk About Consent -Youth__single document cover

This guide for young people provides an introduction to the concept of consent and include information on: Consent and the Irish Law Tools to build the […]

Space and Participation for All – Report Draft

Space and Participation For All DRAFT 2 document cover

This report was compiled from the initial findings from an evaluation of the Young Voices – EU Youth Dialogue process in Ireland to accompany a presentation […]

NYCI Pre-Budget Submission 2021: Providing The Pathway

NYCI_PreBudgetSubmission_2021_Accessible document cover

The NYCI Pre-Budget 2021 submission details costed recommendations for investment in youth work services and policies to meet the needs of young people and support them […]

12 Steps to Good Practice in Intercultural Youth Work

These resources were devised as a guide for youth workers and volunteers to promote intercultural youth work. They can be used by youth services, clubs or […]

Youth Manifesto on Climate Justice

PX3951-Youth-Manifesto-V5-FINAL document cover

This manifesto is the result of the NYCI Climate Revolution Youth Summit, which saw over 400 young people come together at the RDS, Dublin to discuss […]

Directors’ Report and Financial Statements Year Ended 31 December 2019

NYCI Final Signed Financial Statements 2019 document cover

The directors present their annual report together with the audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2019.The directors present their annual report together with […]

Working with Skills Summary Remotely

This activity resource is designed to accompany the Skills Summary tool when working online with young people. The resource contains five activities, which can be facilitated […]

Covid-19: Supporting Information for Youth Organisations for Phased Resumption of Services

This supporting information for phased resumption of youth services includes guidance sheets, templates and checklists to help you in planning and resuming youth services.

Let’s Talk About Sexting

The NYCI National Youth Health Programme with support from An Garda Síochána, has developed this toolkit to assist youth workers and those working with young people […]

NYCI Annual Review 2019

We’re very proud of what we achieved for the youth sector in 2019. With our members we’ve worked hard to make sure youth work is recognised […]

Updating Your Child Safeguarding Statement: Considerations for the Youth Work Sector due to Covid-19

Child Safeguarding Statement Infographic document cover

This is a simple infographic that aims to support youth organisations who are reviewing their Child Safeguarding Statement whilst encountering new risks in online youth work. […]

Digital Youth Work


Youth Work in an Online Setting during Covid-19 This guidance document for youth workers and those working with young people looks at youth work in an […]

Young Voices – EU Youth Dialogue goes online

NYCI Young Voices General Zoom Information Version 5 document cover

Information on Young Voices moving meetings online during this current Covid19 situation.

Creating Opportunities for Youth

Youth Dialogue Report 2019 document cover

This report details the findings of EU Youth Dialogue consultations conducted with young people in Ireland. Consultations took place between March and October 2019.

Child Protection During COVID-19

Child Protection during Covid-19 document cover

Supporting the youth work sector with child protection considerations during Covid-19 and its related control measures.

Final Report: Citizenship in a Digital Era – International Training Course for Youth Workers

The main aim of this training Hosted by the National Youth Council of Ireland and supported by Leargas was to equip youth workers from Europe with the tools to increase the levels of media literacy amongst the young people that they work with and support them to be responsible digital citizens.

2020 NYCI General Election Manifesto

NYCI General Election Manifesto 2020 document cover

NYCI calls on all parties and candidates in the upcoming General Election, if elected to Dáil Éireann, to commit to policies and actions to address the social injustices and economic inequalities affecting young people.

Youth Work in Rural Ireland: A Qualitative Research Study Exploring the Provision of Youth Work in a Rural Context

This research explores the nature and scope of youth work provision in rural Ireland. Although the focus of this study is to capture the experience of youth work provision from the perspective of the youth workers, young people were also consulted as part of this study about their views and experiences of living in rural parts of Ireland and of engaging in youth work.

Climate Revolution: One World Week development education and global citizenship education resource pack

OWW_2019_Climate_Revolution document cover

Young people across the planet have become instrumental and a leading voice in taking action against Climate Change and for Climate Justice.

Budget 2020: Post-Budget Analysis “Brexit Budget not a good deal for Youth Sector”

NYCI Post Budget Analysis 2020 document cover

In the NYCI Pre-Budget 2020 submission, we called on Government to give young people and the youth sector a fair share in Budget 2020. In relation […]

Skills Summary – Guide for Youth Work Organisations

This guide is for those who have the privilege of witnessing the flourishing of young people in realtime but still often worry that those young people get left behind in the competitive world of employment and further opportunities.