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Beyond The Local: Bringing A Global Perspective To Anti-racist Youth Work (2006)

Beyond_the_Local_Conference_Report document cover

This report documents the proceedings of 'Beyond the Local: Bringing a Global Perspective to Anti-Racist Youth Work', a conference organised by the National Youth Development Education […]

Chilled Out Not Worn Out (2004)

Chilled_Out_not_Worn-Out_2004 document cover

This resource highlights issues that cause stress for young people around the world. It focuses on three areas identified by young people themselves – access to […]

Going Global! Good Practice Guidelines For Development Education In Youth Work 2005

Going_Global_2005 document cover

Going Global! provides youth workers with a step-by-step guide to delivering quality development education programmes. Each section includes case studies which share the experiences and insights […]

Making A Difference: Young People Participating To Change Their World (2005)

Making_a_Difference_2005 document cover

Making a Difference explores what participation means to young people in Ireland and around the world. It examines local and global impacts of participation, barriers to […]

Peace By Piece 2003

Peace_by_Piece_2003 document cover

This resource seeks to provide young people with a deeper understanding of conflict and violence, and the knowledge and skills to choose alternatives. The importance of […]

Lifestories (2004)

Lifestories_2004 document cover

This resource gives a voice to young people from a diverse range of minority groups in Ireland. Young people's stories form the backbone of the resource. […]

Steps Towards Inclusion 2003

Steps_Towards_Inclusion_2003 document cover

This report details the circumstances of separated asylum-seeking children in Ireland. Separated children are those young people who arrive in Ireland to seek refuge without the […]

Big World Small World (2002)

Big_World_Small_World_2002 document cover

This resource explores globalisation and trade. It highlights the interdependence of people all over the world. Through travel, trade and communication, people have more contact with […]

All Work And No Play 2001

All_Work_and_No_Play_2001 document cover

The International Labour Organisation estimates that there are approximately 120 million children aged between 5 and 14 working full time, mostly in Africa, Asia and Latin […]

Just Us Or Justice (2009)

Just_Us_or_Justice_2009 document cover

‘Just Us or Justice’ is the latest education resource from NYCI. The resource explores what justice means to young people and highlights justice issues locally and […]

Child Safety And Youth Exchange Programme Guidelines (2003)

Child-Safety-and-Youth-Exchange-Programme-Guidelines document cover

  This guide was created in 2003 by child safety experts from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, France and Sweden. It is […]

Class Action – Nyci Policy On Lifelong/lifewide Learning, Educational Disadvantage And Access To Higher And Further Education.

Class-Action document cover

  Released in 2002, this publication is an NYCI Policy on Lifelong/Lifewide Learning, Educational Disadvantage and Access to Higher and Further Education.

Have Yiz No Homes To Go To (2010)

Have-Yiz-No-Homes-To-Go-To document cover

  This survey provides a snapshot of the current accommodation issues of young people in Ireland. It ascertains some basic information as to cost, tenure type […]

Hearing Young Voices (2003)

Hearing-Young-Voices-Full document cover

  Hearing Young Voices examines both the theory and practice of consultation with children and takes a close look at many of the practical hurdles and […]

Volunteering Support Manual (2010)

VOLUNTEERING document cover

The Volunteering Support Manual is the third element in the development of NYCI’s structures and supports to assist organisations in attracting, recruiting and retaining volunteers. It […]

Practical Guidelines For Supporting Interculturalism In Youthwork (2009)

Guidelines_Interculturalism_Youthwork_May_2009_accessible document cover

This document responds to Frequently Asked Questions that NYCI receives on the inclusion of cultural and minority ethnic young people and leaders in youth work.

The Truth About Youth (2009)

The_Truth_About_Youth-09 document cover

This research surveyed over 1,000 young people across the country and offers an insight into the issues that affect young people in Ireland today. The issues […]

Lets Beat Bullying (2007)

Lets-Beat-Bullying document cover

This resource has been written for the Youth Work sector and stems from a recognition by NYCI Youth Health Programme and the Child Protection Programme that […]

Good Habits Of Mind (2004)

good-habits-of-mind document cover

This resource is a mental health promotion initiative for those working with young people in out-of-school settings. One of the key findings of the project was […]

Stereotyping Of Young People (2009)

STEREOTYPING-of-Young-People-RESOURCE-PACK document cover

This research highlighted a widespread stereotyping of young people in a range of arenas – at school, in their local communities and in the media. The […]

Youth Work Act 2001

Youth-Work-Act-2001 document cover

The purpose of this act is to provide a statutory framework for the provision of youth work programmes and services by the Minister, VECs and by […]

National Youth Work Development Plan 2003-2007

nydp_03_07 document cover

This plan sets out a strategy for the first five-year plan for the development of youth work in Ireland and is the first sustained examination of […]

Get ’em Young: Mapping Young People’s Exposure To Alcohol Marketing In Ireland

get_em_young document cover

This report is the first of its kind in Ireland as it involves young people recording their experience of alcohol advertising and marketing in their own […]

Submission To The Motor Insurance Advisory Board (2010)

Submission-to-the-Motor-Insurance-Advisory-Board document cover

A range of submissions from the last 5 years.