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Drum Out Child Labour

Drum_Out_Child_Labour document cover

What Do We Want

What_Do_We_Want document cover

Making Books Resource 2009

Making-Books-Resource_0 document cover

This resource provides step by step instructions for youth workers to create books with young people. The books provide a creative way of presenting the work […]

Taking The Initiative On Intercultural Youth Work (2008)

Taking-the-Initiative-on-Intercultural-Youth-Work-report-08 document cover

This report documents the proceedings of 'Taking the Initiative on Intercultural Youth Work,' a conference organised by the National Youth Council of Ireland to mark Intercultural […]

Setting Our Sights On Rights (2008)

Rights-Tree document cover

The theme of this resource is Young People's Rights. The resource explores the concept of human rights and how rights relate specifically to the lives of […]

There And Back Again: Report Of A Zambia/ireland Exchange Project (2006)

Zambia_Exchange_2006_There_and_Back_Again document cover

This report of an exchange between youth workers from Zambia and Ireland highlights the experiences of participants and outline the key lessons learned. It is aimed […]

More Power To Youth – A Resource For Youth Workers On Global Power And Justice (2007)

More_Power_to_Youth document cover

The theme of this resource is Power and Justice. The theme explores what power is, who has power and how power is used negatively and positively […]

All Different All Equal Ireland 2006

All_Different_All_Equal_Ireland_2006 document cover

All Different All Equal Ireland: An Anti-Racist and Interncultural Education Resource for Youth Workers is the updated version of an anti-racism and equality resource published by […]

Drinking From The Well: A Global Health And Justice Resource For Youth Workers (2006)

Drinking_from_the_Well_2006 document cover

Drinking from the Well explores the link between poverty, injustice and health around the world. It takes a broad view of health – from physical, mental, […]

Drinking From The Well (2006) Photos

Drinking_from_the_Well_Photos document cover

Drinking from the Well explores the link between poverty, injustice and health around the world. It takes a broad view of health – from physical, mental, […]

Beyond The Local: Bringing A Global Perspective To Anti-racist Youth Work (2006)

Beyond_the_Local_Conference_Report document cover

This report documents the proceedings of 'Beyond the Local: Bringing a Global Perspective to Anti-Racist Youth Work', a conference organised by the National Youth Development Education […]

Chilled Out Not Worn Out (2004)

Chilled_Out_not_Worn-Out_2004 document cover

This resource highlights issues that cause stress for young people around the world. It focuses on three areas identified by young people themselves – access to […]

Going Global! Good Practice Guidelines For Development Education In Youth Work 2005

Going_Global_2005 document cover

Going Global! provides youth workers with a step-by-step guide to delivering quality development education programmes. Each section includes case studies which share the experiences and insights […]

Making A Difference: Young People Participating To Change Their World (2005)

Making_a_Difference_2005 document cover

Making a Difference explores what participation means to young people in Ireland and around the world. It examines local and global impacts of participation, barriers to […]

Peace By Piece 2003

Peace_by_Piece_2003 document cover

This resource seeks to provide young people with a deeper understanding of conflict and violence, and the knowledge and skills to choose alternatives. The importance of […]

Lifestories (2004)

Lifestories_2004 document cover

This resource gives a voice to young people from a diverse range of minority groups in Ireland. Young people's stories form the backbone of the resource. […]

Steps Towards Inclusion 2003

Steps_Towards_Inclusion_2003 document cover

This report details the circumstances of separated asylum-seeking children in Ireland. Separated children are those young people who arrive in Ireland to seek refuge without the […]

Big World Small World (2002)

Big_World_Small_World_2002 document cover

This resource explores globalisation and trade. It highlights the interdependence of people all over the world. Through travel, trade and communication, people have more contact with […]

All Work And No Play 2001

All_Work_and_No_Play_2001 document cover

The International Labour Organisation estimates that there are approximately 120 million children aged between 5 and 14 working full time, mostly in Africa, Asia and Latin […]

Just Us Or Justice (2009)

Just_Us_or_Justice_2009 document cover

‘Just Us or Justice’ is the latest education resource from NYCI. The resource explores what justice means to young people and highlights justice issues locally and […]

A Consultation With Young People On A Life Without Tobacco

A-Consultation-with-Young-People-on-a-Life-without-Tobacco document cover

  The ‘Young People: for a Life without Tobacco?’ consultation asked young people about their opinion on a life without tobacco. Is it possible? Why? Why […]

Child Safety And Youth Exchange Programme Guidelines (2003)

Child-Safety-and-Youth-Exchange-Programme-Guidelines document cover

  This guide was created in 2003 by child safety experts from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, France and Sweden. It is […]

Class Action – Nyci Policy On Lifelong/lifewide Learning, Educational Disadvantage And Access To Higher And Further Education.

Class-Action document cover

  Released in 2002, this publication is an NYCI Policy on Lifelong/Lifewide Learning, Educational Disadvantage and Access to Higher and Further Education.

Have Yiz No Homes To Go To (2010)

Have-Yiz-No-Homes-To-Go-To document cover

  This survey provides a snapshot of the current accommodation issues of young people in Ireland. It ascertains some basic information as to cost, tenure type […]