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Building Back Better: Youth, Power and Planet

What_is_PowerOWW2020 document cover

This toolkit explores the issue of power and helps you make links to the Sustainable Development Goals. It is designed for global educators, youth workers, development […]

Climate Revolution: One World Week development education and global citizenship education resource pack

OWW_2019_Climate_Revolution document cover

Young people across the planet have become instrumental and a leading voice in taking action against Climate Change and for Climate Justice.

Activism, the SDGs and Youth

Activism_the_SDGs_and_Youth document cover

Welcome to the latest NYCI Resource for Global Educators, Youth Workers, Development Education practitioners, trainers, activists, changemakers of all shapes and sizes but in particular those […]

Download SDGs and Youth Powerpoint Presentation

SDGs-and-Youth document cover image

This powerpoint presentation is meant to be something you can dip in and out of. It will hopefully help you learn about the Sustainable Development Goals […]