Climate Justice Charter

The Climate Justice Charter supports youth organisations to contribute to the systemic change our world needs.

What is the Climate Justice Charter?

Youth organisations have an important role to play in supporting better understanding of climate justice and promoting climate actions based on justice and equity.

Now more than ever, we need to urgently transition to a greener, low carbon society if we are to beat climate change. But, existing social justice issues make this transition difficult. Upholding climate justice principles in our response to climate change is the only way to make sure this transition will leave no one behind.

The Climate Justice Charter is a tool that supports youth organisations to contribute to the systemic change needed.

Join the community now!

By signing up to the charter, your organisation commits to uphold climate justice principles and work alongside others in the Climate Justice Charter community to promote climate justice principles.

Why should my organisation sign up?

  • Your organisation recognises climate change as a crucial issue for young people.
  • Join an ever-growing community of collaborating organisations.
  • Benefit from training and events that will support staff, volunteers, and young people’s understanding of climate justice.
  • Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment and willingness to take action on climate justice.

Watch our Video on the 7 Principles of the Climate Justice Charter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up to the Climate Justice Charter is a great opportunity for your organisation, but you may have some questions about what’s involved. Our FAQs are here to set your mind at ease!

We know everyone is already under pressure to meet regulatory obligations, so that’s why we’ve designed this process to build on what you are already doing – without adding to your busy workload! It’s important to note that the Climate Justice Charter is not a rigid policy that needs to be strictly adhered to, but something that can guide your organisation towards better internal procedures. It is a set of simple guidelines that you can refer to, which allows you to easily assess whether your projects, programmes, and training align with the Climate Justice movement.

No. This charter was specifically created with organisations in mind. We do, however, have a Climate Justice Manifesto that is suitable for individuals to uphold and take action on. You can find the Climate Justice Manifesto and make your pledge HERE.

No. In order to ensure that organisations who sign up to the charter are committed to Climate Justice, we are asking all organistaions and institutions who wish to be signatories to have the charter officially adopted by your decision-making bodies. We understand that this process can look different for each organisation, and any questions can be addressed to

All signatories to the charter will be asked to complete a very short survey annually so that NYCI can compile a yearly assessment of the work of organisations towards the Climate Justice movement. This survey will also be used by NYCI to understand how we can better support signatories in achieving their own, internal climate justice goals. All organisations are welcome to create their own methods of assessment and transparency policies around their climate justice actions, but this is not mandatory.

What they’re saying about the Charter

The charter is beneficial for all organisations as it acts as a set of good practice guidelines that allows Sphere 17 to begin to truly imbed Climate Justice at all levels – from our board of directors to the young people we work with. Lee Cummins, Sphere 17

The young people who developed the charter principles were adamant about including local to global connections. We welcomed this strongly, as it’s the most vulnerable communities that suffer the worst consequences. Michael Doorly, Concern Worldwide

We love the Climate Justice Charter because the creation of it was entirely youth-led. It captures exactly what the young people wanted the charter to say and the capacity to convince others how the world should be. TJ Hourihan, YMCA Ireland

We love that the charter is accessible for every organisation and every group of young people. From young farmers making a living to young people making change, there is something in there for everyone Gillian Richardson, Macra na Feirme



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