Climate Justice Project: 2023

Future Generations – Climate Justice Project seeks to explore and highlight the systemic and human rights issues related to the climate crisis.

With this partnership, we will bring the unique voices of young people who are missing from the climate discourse. Young people from marginalised, rural, and disadvantaged backgrounds are often left out of the conversation and their reality is oftentimes not represented in national and global policies as a result. 

Our project will specifically address this by:
  • Creating the space for young people to explore the topic of Climate Justice
  • Recognising the different layers of discriminations that exist in the climate crisis debate
  • Supporting young people to develop the skills they need to be advocates of climate justice
  • Empowering young people to take on a local/regional response to climate justice
  • To facilitate a global response to climate justice by including youth voices from the global south

Marine Galway Residential Photo Gallery

In July 2023, young people from Sphere17 and YMCA Ireland met for the first time to learn about marine life in Ireland and how it connects with Climate Justice. Activities included:

Day 1: Bush Craft in Wildlands
Day 2: Tour of Galway Bay & The Galway Hooker Boat Workshop – Galway Bay Tours; and Team Building/Project Work – Galway Chambers
Day 3: Aquarium Tour, Squid Dissection Workshop & Rockpooling – Galway Atlantaquaria

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Youth Climate Justice – Future Generations Consortium

The 2023 iteration of the Future Generations: Climate Justice Project was a consortium project between the National Youth Council of Ireland (lead agency), Sphere17 Regional Youth Facility, YMCA Ireland, Gaisce – The President’s Award, and 1Planet4All (Concern Worldwide) It was funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Irish Aid, and Concern Worldwide’s 1Planet4All Project (EU).