April 9, 2015

…for ‘the young people’/ for ‘the arts’

In our third  funding blog, Seóna Ní Bhriain, head of the Children, Young People and Education Department in the Arts Council, discusses the role and priorities […]
March 31, 2015

Why Deliver Arts Programmes for Young People? A Community Development Worker’s Perspective

Why deliver Arts Programmes for young people? For this series of blogs, we decided to ask some experienced youth workers, who are at the coal face […]
March 31, 2015

The Most Meaningful Youth Arts Work I’ve Done…

In this blog, Youth Worker Emma O’Brien, discusses her motivation for delivering arts programmes with young people, also explaining in the process, the importance of defining […]
March 4, 2015

International Women’s Day – Action 2015

(Sunday – 8th March) is a crucial opportunity for us to highlight how important the Sustainable Development Goal summit and the Climate Change negotiations will be […]
March 2, 2015

Making a Great Impression

In this blog, Anne O’Gorman, Senior Project Officer for Youth Arts in NYCI, shares her thoughts on funding applications based on her experience with the Artist […]
February 16, 2015

A Skills Perspective on Arts Education

In 2015, NYAP’s Youth Arts Blog will be asking a series of funders about why and how they fund Arts Programmes for young people. In this […]
December 22, 2014

What Lessons Do The Arts Teach Us About The Times We Live In?

What lessons do the arts teach us about the times we live in? Ciaran Benson examines this question, in this, his final blog, responding to Eisners […]
December 22, 2014

The Intrinsic and Distinctive Value of the Arts

Which of Eisner’s Lessons show us the intrinsic and distinctive value of the Arts? In this his third blog, Ciaran Benson teases out this question and […]
December 22, 2014

Where Do the Arts Belong in Everyday Life?

What is the value of art? In this, his second blog, Ciaran Benson challenges us to adjust our thinking about where the arts actually belong in […]