NYCI Budget 2021 Campaign: #YouthWorkChangesLives

In Budget 2021 our members are calling on Government to invest an additional €4.7m in youth work services to provide more supports and activities for young people, meet the needs of our growing youth population and to strengthen voluntary youth organisations.

What you can do:

Share some of the key messages on social media and help highlight to politicians the importance of investing in youth work:

I support @NYCInews #YouthWorkChangesLives campaign calling on Government in #Budget2021 to invest an additional €4.7m in youth work services to provide more supports and activities for young people in these challenging times and meet the needs of our growing youth population.

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A million good reasons
In Budget 2021 we are calling on govt to invest

Reasons why we need to invest in youth in Budget 2021


As the number of young people aged 10-24 years continues to grow, so demand on youth services grows. Our youth population is expected to grow by 4.6% by 2025, reaching over 1 million young people (Central Statistics Office).


Young people have been hit hard by the pandemic, in terms of interruption to education/career/employment, impact of mental health, interruption of support from friends and networks, missing out on key life landmarks and experiences. Youth work services can support young people at this challenging time.


Youth unemployment of over 37.8% arising from the pandemic, in particular those furthest from the labour market (fewer skills/qualifications) will need support over the next number of years. Youth work is well placed to support young jobseekers. In the NYCI Pre-Budget Submission (page 3) we highlight how the pandemic is impacting on young people.


A report issued in recent days by UNICEF highlighted the impact of the pandemic on young people in Ireland


Youth workers and youth organisations have been a lifeline to many young people, especially the most vulnerable during the lockdown, using text, phone, video conferencing, to keep in contact and running a wide range of activities to support young people. (Please include/add those activities your organisation has organised during the pandemic)


Youth organisations work with over 380,000 young people in every community in the country (NYCI Indecon Report).


For every €1 the State invests in youth work it saves €2.20 in the long run (NYCI Indecon Report).


While there have been limited increases in investment in recent years, DCEDIY funding for youth work in 2020 is 15% below what is was in 2008, not taking inflation into account.


At present youth work DCEDIY funding is just €1.23 per young person aged 10-24 per week. (€61.8m divided by 961,789 young people aged 10-24. CSO estimates)


Overall total Government spending has increased by 17% since 2011, but support for youth work has only increased by 2.7% in the same period.


Only 2% of the additional €574m for DCYA between 2014 and 2020 has been provided to youth work (€12m).

Campaign Toolkit

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Meet your TD or senator

Online meetings mean public representatives are more accessible than ever.

Our members are currently working hard in every constituency to engage with every member of the Oireachtas and let them know the value of youth work in advance of budget 2021, sharing the messages above and helping them make the important connection between local activity and national investment.

If you want to add your voice, you can use our template email to invite your local representatives to meet and hear why you think investment in youth work should be increased.

  • Cheat sheet: get your copy of the main ask and key messages for the campaign.

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NYCI Pre-Budget Submission 2021

Providing the Pathway

The NYCI Pre-Budget 2021 submission details costed recommendations for investment in youth work services and policies to meet the needs of young people and support them to achieve their full potential and ensure Ireland’s recovery and long-term prosperity.