Louise O’Connor

Louise is an outdoor educator, musician and yoga teacher.Louise graduated from University College Cork with a B.A. in Applied Psychology. After working in mental health and intellectual disability sectors for a number of years, she began exploring more physical and nature-based pursuits through instructing in yoga and mindfulness practice, sea kayak coaching and rock climbing.She is currently studying for a Masters in Transcultural European Outdoor Studies in universities in Norway, Germany and England, examining the diversity of approaches to outdoor and environmental education practices in all three countries, with a keen interest in how creative modes of expression can be used to communicate and emotionally engage people in issues of environmental sustainability.As part of her thesis, she is currently completing a research internship with Brathay Trust, a residential youth work centre, developing a mindfulness based program that can be used in combination with outdoor education practices.Her fascination with exploring different cultures and landscapes have taken her to many far flung corners of the world, as she documents in her current blog: gallivantinagain.blogspot.co.uk