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Young Voices 2016!

May 2016 update:

Young Voices has been very active so far this year and there is so much more to come!

Cycle V of the EU Structured Dialogue is well under way and we invited a group of 70 young people to an event in Pearse St. Library in March to begin our conversations about Diversity, Connectivity and Inclusion in Europe.

Joined by Amel Yacef and her amazing team of youth facilitators we had a very productive day and some strong messages were sent to the EU Youth Conference in Amsterdam with our delegates Valery Molay, Joe Munnelly and Cárthach O'Faolain.

Meanwhile our National Implementation Project has been meeting every month to carry on the work of "Youth Empowerment for Political Participation". They recently had a fantastic opportunity to present the work of Young Voices to the Advisory Council of the Better Outcomes Brighter Futures (BOBF) National Policy Framework in the Dept of Children and Youth Affairs. 


An event for Youth Workers and Youth Leaders to contribute to the current conversations about Diversity, Connectivity and Inclusion in Europe.


January 2016 update:

We are going to hear a lot about 'Politics' in 2016. 
How much are we going to hear about 'young people' and politics? That is up to YOU!

Join us on January 30th for the first of four meetings over five months to explore how we can influence policy makers on our recommendations for a better Ireland for young people.  

Get more details and sign up for the event here:


The final report for 2015 is now completed.

Young voices report cover

If you would like a hard copy, please contact and we will send you one.


Update: Report of National Implementation Project

Download PDF

Get Involved in Young Voices

We are currently awaiting the announcement of the theme for Structured Dialogue for the next cycle of presidencies.  We plan to continue to consult with young peopel across Ireland on the theme and to bring our voices to the relevant decision makers.  As part of this process, we want to set up a database of young people aged 15 -30yrs who would like to informed of relevant meetings, consultations and opportunities.  This can be people who have already participated in the Structured Dialogue process or people who want to get involved now and find out more.  If you are interested in being on this database, please send your name, address, age and contact details to 


EU Youth Conference in Luxembourg  September 2015

Three young delegates who were selected following our July meeting in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin, are currently atttending the EU Youth Conference in Luxembourg.  The three young people, Vanessa, Colm and Joe will be participating in workshops and plenary discussions along with representatives of the relevant Government Departments from EU countries and members of the European Youth Forum.  On their return to Ireland we will write up the final recommendations relating to young people and political empowerment and we will begin the process of lobbying to make some real changes for young people in this area.  


Young Voices – Ideas to Action Event: Part 2

The National Youth Council of Ireland and the DCYA ran an event for young people, aged 15-30 years, who want to be more involved in shaping society! On July 23rd 35 young people along with decision makers met in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin. 

The day was an opportunity for youth leaders/youth workers to share their views on Empowerment for Political Participation. This is part of the current European Structured Dialogue process that is taking place across Europe, giving young people and youth organisations an opportunity to influence decisions affecting their lives.   

The group prioritised four key areas for discussion and these were:

  • Increasing synergies and co-operation between different actors 
  • strengthening the role of youth work for political empowerment of young people 
  • developing youth friendly tools for political participation  
  • involving young people in decision making. 

The feedback from this consultation will form the basis for the Irish input to the EU Youth Conference in September in Luxembourg. 3 Young people from this event were selected to represent Ireland at the EU Youth Conference in Luxembourg in September.  The three young people are: Vanessa Mulhall, Joseph Munnelly and Colm O'Rourke.  

For more information on the story so far in the Structured Dialogue process, check out the blog by Dermot at this link:


Young Voices – Ideas to Action Event - Report from April 25th

This is part of the current European Structured Dialogue process that is taking place across Europe, giving young people 15-30yrs and youth organisations an opportunity to influence decisions affecting their lives. 

Youth Empowerment for Political Participation ‘Ideas to Action’ event.  On Saturday April 25th, 30 people attended a meeting in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin to  discuss and debate the recommendations from the EU Youth Conference as to how we can empower young people and improve political participation in Ireland.

Recommendations were made around how to involve more young people in decision making processes and how to engage more young people in dialogue with policy makers.  The findings from the day were then reported on to the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in advance of his Policy Meeting in Brussels with other Youth Ministers from around Europe.

We are now planning a follow up event to progress these recommendations further and to try to effect real change in this area for young people in Ireland.  

How can young people be more involved in shaping society?

Young people across Europe are having important conversations about Youth Empowerment and Politicial Participation in 2015.

Young Voices 2014

Download Report: "Youth Empowerment in Ireland".

Is "Politics" just about Politicians OR is it about People too?! Young People in particular!

What do young people have to say about things like;

"Stimulating a culture of participation in education"

"increasing trust and understanding between young people and decision makers"

"young people and youth organisations being fully involved in shaping policies together"

"the role of Youth Work to empower young people"

"how we can include everyone and use new technologies!"


As an individual or part of a youth group you can log on to the Irish Online Participation Platform and share your thoughts on the topics mentioned above.

You may also be involved in a Focus Group meeting facilitated by our Structured Dialogue Project Officer.

Ultimately you can be involved in deciding what messages Ireland will be sending to the EU Youth Conference in Latvia this March.

Download the Flyer and Poster below for more info!


Download the Flyer (PDF)


Young Voices Flyer

Download the Poster (PDF)

Young Voices Poster








For more information on the structured dialogue process, see the European Youth Portal at

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