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Transforming Shadows Seminar

Transforming Shadows Seminar – an Irish- Lebanon exchange project with young people as change makers in conflict transformation.


Join NYCI to meet the team involved in our Irish-Lebanon exchange, the young people, our Lebanese partners Al-Jana and invited speakers. Hear about the key messages the Irish change makers want to share with other Irish young people about tackling conflict in their lives, see what the young people can offer as workshops or presentations in your youth centres, explore creative processes in conflict transformation, and reinvigorate your own youth work practice working with young people in conflict

Venue: Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Date: 7th June 2017



Twelve young adults (aged 20 – 30) from diverse cultural, social and religious backgrounds from Ireland and Lebanon worked together in Beirut, Lebanon for one week from the 3rd to 10th of February. Together we explored the nature of conflict transformation in their own lives and developed a video based educational resource pack to be used in peer-training workshops in youth work settings.


Following 3 days of creative  process, looking at identity, needs, and power,  we asked the group to decide on three messages of transformation. One message was for themselves, another for someone younger than them and the final one for community, society and those in power. The group used many creative methodologies, which included composing a song, which can be used as a tool to support them to deliver transformation workshops to different groups in Ireland. This workshops will explore conflict transformation in the context of living and working in culturally and socially diverse communities especially where racism, political and civil unrest are destabilising community cohesion. The cultural, social and religious diversity of the young people and how they worked together across these divides will inform this work.

Our Lebanese partners - Al-Jana – are experts in using creative methodologies with young people in conflict. They are also keen to learn about youth work practice in Ireland. They have shared and learned with our team of youth work facilitators in Lebanon and are keen to engage with more youth work organisations when they come to Ireland in June (5th to 15th June).

‘They tried to bury us, what they didn’t know is that we were seeds’

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 10:00
Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 16:00