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NYCI Summer School 2017– Conquer Your Fear: Creative Digital Technology and Youth Work!

When: Tuesday, 30th May 2017-Thursday 1st June 2017
Where: Kippure Adventure Centre, Wicklow

Delivered by NYCI’s Youth Arts Programme, Summer School is a 3-day residential youth arts practice summer school for youth workers and volunteers seeking new creative skills for use with the young people they work with.

Who is this suitable for?
Youth Workers, Volunteers and Youth Arts Practitioners looking for new skills for delivering creative activities using new technologies – and the confidence to use them. No previous experience necessary.

What will we be doing?

You can choose one of 2 specialised workshops:

Why sign up? 
Add new creative activities and ways of working to your programme for young people in a supportive learning environment, surrounded by your peers from experts who understand that you need to learn not only the skills, but how to implement them well with a variety of groups.

How much?

Overcoming Obstacles in Digital Film: €300non-members/€250 members 
Makers Gonna Make: €350.00 non-members/€300.00 members (includes 'maker-kit' worth €250).

Secure your early bird discount: book and pay before Tuesday, 2nd May 2017 for an additional €50.00 discount.*

Note: The cost of attending summer school is highly subsidised by NYCI Arts Programme. Accommodation, meals, all workshops and materials are included in the fee.  The larger fee for the maker workshop reflects the additional kit and equipment to take away after the workshop for use in your own work.

*If payment is not received by this date, your invoice will revert to the original price.

Take your pick:
Your summer school experience will work like this:

  • You’ll spend 1st and 2nd day in your primary workshop, learning lots of activities and ideas for using these creative approaches with young people.
  • You’ll spend the 3rd day on:
  • A taster session of the workshop you didn’t get to specialise in
  • Sharing what you created in your specialised workshop with the wider group
  • Developing strategies to implement what you’ve learned into your own work
  • Optional evening or morning sessions on issues like fundraising, documentation etc. 
  • There will also be time to network with your peers in the gorgeous surrounds of the Wicklow hills!


More about specialised workshops:

Makers Gonna Make: Creative Technology and Youth Work
Facilitated by: Techspace

TechSpace is a national movement that aims to change the lives of young people in Ireland by becoming Ireland’s leading creative technology network for outcome focused youth development.

TechSpace enables youth workers to inspire young people so that they can use their native interest in technology to become tomorrow’s digital creators, inventors and makers with - and not just consumers of - technology. We are committed to developing the TechSpace network as a community of practice for young people, youth workers, educators and volunteer mentors interested in enhancing youth development through ICT and STEAM education.

Workshop content and purpose:
Participants will explore the fundamentals of tinkering, learn how to design tinkering activities for youth and identify personal expressions through STEAM activities and projects such as scribble bots, paper circuits, DIY amplifier, toy take apart and sewn circuits. By the end of the course, participants will leave with the skills, confidence and equipment to facilitate Maker activities with young people. 

TechSpace Maker training is designed to help youth workers and educators to gain skills, knowledge and confidence related to facilitating high-quality creative and innovative youth experiences.

Learning outcomes:
Participants will be able to guide young people through STEAM projects such as scribble bots, paper circuits, DIY amplifier, toy take apart and sewn circuits. 

Participants will be able to reflect on the six stages of Making and how best to facilitate and encourage the creative process with young people. 
Take away skills:
● Understand and apply the Maker process to youth work
● Understand and facilitate with young people the fundamentals of electricity and circuits
● Integrate and deliver Maker activities within their youth work programme or curriculum
● Facilitate other youth workers to use TechSpace equipment available to them in a youth setting
● Encourage volunteers to get involved by highlighting the opportunities and supports available by developing TechSpace for young people in their local area
What has this got to do with youth work:
Young people will be able to make, create and invent things with confidence and curiosity, understanding how things work. This feeds into a number of the 5 National Outcomes for Children and Young People such as enjoying play, recreation and arts, achieving in education, engaging in learning and part of positive networks of friends, family and community. It is also an extremely effective way of achieving all 7 of the potent mechanisms for delivering improvements for targeted youth projects  (VFM Report, DCYA, 2014).

Overcoming the Obstacles in Digital Filmmaking (with young people).
Facilitated by Young Irish Filmmakers

Purpose:  How to facilitate the filmmaking process with young people end-to-end while minimising limitations of equipment, budgets and expertise and maximising the active learning and potential of the group.

Learning Content: How do you come up with a good story for a film? Where can I find software that’s free, cheap, easy and quick? Is it possible to have cheap, easy and quick at the same time?! How do I make the learning active when there can be so much standing around in filming with young people? How do I get to the end and have a film to show for it (with limited equipment)? Young Irish Filmmakers have 25 years’ experience of solving these problems.  They have even found ways of making those problems part of the process.  They’ve seen it all and are happy to share all their expertise and wisdom about making films with young people with you! They know how filmmaking works – but more importantly they know how it works in the real world, with real young people, real budgets and real problems!

Take away Skills: The confidence and skills to facilitate a digital film making workshop with young people from design through to opening night!

What’s this got to do with youth work?
Filmmaking with young people promotes skills such as teamwork, negotiation, personal responsibility, problem solving as well as a range of outcomes outlined in the 5 National Outcomes for Children and Young People (Brighter Outcomes, Better Futures (DCYA 2014) It is also an extremely effective way of achieving all 7 of the potent mechanisms for delivering improvements for targeted youth projects (VFM Report, DCYA, 2014).


You’re in charge all year. You do the planning. You lead the groups.  Not here!  Here you get to be a participant again, learn new skills, meet your peers and reflect on your practice.  And we’re not going to lie to you, it’s also great fun.

Delivered by NYCI’s Youth Arts Programme, Summer School is a 3-day (2 nights) residential youth arts practice summer school taking place in Wicklow, running from Tuesday 30th May to Thursday 1st June 2017.  It’s about approaching your work with young people in a fresh way.  It is an opportunity to be inspired, use new art forms and break out of your everyday routine and get creative!  It will offer workshops, evening events and lots more to stimulate your imagination and send you home with a wealth of ideas, techniques and creative approaches for your work with young people.  

The in-depth workshop experience will give you the inspiration, in-depth practical know-how and skills to work in new ways with your young people and offer them high quality creative digital experiences from a youth centred perspective.  It will be facilitated by a recognised expert in the relevant field – and by expert we mean both in the particular creative field but, most importantly, how to implement it with youth groups.

Workshops are limited to 15 participants and are formulated in such a way as to address the learning requirements and goals from a youth work centred perspective.  You will choose 1 workshop to explore in-depth (but you’ll have a taster session in the other), giving you plenty of confidence to use the tools, activities and experience to bring back to your youth organisation.


Where will I stay? 
During the 3 day summer school participants will be staying at Kippure Adventure Centre. Kippure is comprised of 2-4-bed apartments with single bedrooms and shared self- catering living spaces.

Dining and Meals: All food costs are included in the overall summer school fee.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided each day of the summer school and vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements will be catered for.  Apartments and kitchens have cooking facilities (in case you fancy a cuppa in the evening!)

About Kippure:
Kippure Estate, in County Wicklow, is a very special place. The estate covers 240 acres of mature woodland and rolling farm pastures, and is surrounded by the wild, beautiful Wicklow Mountains and the winding waters of the River Liffey. 

Previous Participants have said:
“I had the most inspirational and invigorating three days with you all. Just starting to process all I learnt now! So many new ideas and concepts to mull over...”
"Hi guys, I just wanted to say thank you so so much for an absolutely amazing Summer School last week. Wonderfully organised and super workshops.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed drumming, and the surprise workshop in stilt walking and unicycling. Fantastic, opportunity, which I would not have gotten without the NYCI. Very much appreciated and I can't wait to put my new skills to work”

 Impact and Outcomes for Youth Workers of Summer School:        

  • 93% of participants agreed they had new ideas about how their organisation could change or improve services
  • 97% had increased confidence to deliver arts projects in their youth work settings
  • 100% agreed they had new skills and knowledge
  • 100% said they now had extensive or reasonable knowledge of the ideas and principles underpinning youth arts practice, and 100% also said they now had extensive or reasonable knowledge of how to work with young people in creative ways.
  • 93% said they had extensive or reasonable knowledge of the creative and imaginative skills required for best youth arts practice
  • 87% said they had extensive or reasonable knowledge of the design, management and delivery of a high quality youth arts project

What’s the small print?
Payment Policy:

The summer school can be booked and paid online.

If you are availing of the excellent value early bird offer, your place must be booked and paid by Tuesday, 2nd May 2017.

NYCI reserves the right to make any necessary changes to content, details and delivery of this course due to unforeseen circumstances.  Any anticipated changes will be communicated to participants as soon as possible. 

Cancellation by participants
Cancellation less than 14 days before course date: No Refund
Full terms and conditions are contained on the booking site.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 10:00