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Protecting our Children and Young People

An NYCI Toolkit for Youth Work Organisations to design, review and evaluate their child protection policy.

This new resource is aimed at youth clubs, services and organisations that are designing their child protection policy for the first time or reviewing their existing child protection policy.

As outlined in ‘Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2011’,

“Consistent with the principles of Children First, every organisation, both public and private, that is providing services for children or that is in regular direct contact with children should… Develop guidance and procedures for staff and/or volunteers who may have reasonable grounds for concern about the safety and welfare of children involved with the organisation. These procedures should not deviate from the current Children First: National Guidance, but may offer further elaboration to ensure local relevance and applicability… It is the responsibility of each organisation to ensure that such guidance and procedures are in place”


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