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Youth Employment Action Group Meeting, Dublin

The third meeting of the Youth Employment Action project will take place on 10-11 March in Dublin and will be co-hosted by the National Youth Council of Ireland and the European Youth Forum.

The YEA group is made up of youth representatives of the European Youth Forum, National Youth Councils and International NGOs from all over Europe. The meeting will be an exchange of Member Organisations on their work on employment over the past 12 months and a discussion of ways in which youth organisations can further cooperate on a European level. 

2011 is a significant year with regards to tackling the youth employment issue in Europe. It is well documented that young people have been the demographic most adversely affected by the economic crisis, with a European youth unemployment rate of over 20%: more than double that of the older population. In order to achieve the Europe 2020 goals of 75% employment and decreasing young school leaves from 15% to 10%, the EU must radically address the youth unemployment issue. Sustained unemployment when young can result in hysteresis beyond the initial period of unemployment. This will significantly effect Europe's productivity and competitiveness in the future.