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Young Christian Workers Movement

The Young Christian Workers Movement is an international youth movement which values the dignity and worth of each young person.

YCW enables its members to challenge social exclusion and take action to bring about change in their home, workplace and social life.

  • To examine the underlying causes and consequences of social injustice.
  • To challenge the existing structures on those issues.
  • To develop the members of YCW in a holistic way.
  • To achieve change in the individual and their environs and to activate others to take action.

YCW is presently active in over 100 countries and every continent with more than 3 million members. Over the past seventy years it has been a dynamic force for change as it expanded throughout the world. YCW welcomes all young people as members irrespective of whether they are members of a faith community or not.


The YCW Section is the basis from which members receive training in analysing the situations which they face everyday. Using the method of See, Judge, Act members reflect on these situations and plan actions for change. The YCW have devised an Action Pack for young people aged 18+ and an Impact! Programme, “Change through Action” for those 16-18. YCW organizes many campaigns and actions around issues of concern to young people. As an international movement exchanges, training and social events also form a large part of the YCW Programme.




YCW National Office
St. Paul's Church
Arran Quay
Dublin 7

Tel: 01 - 878 0291