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Working Groups

International Advisory Committee

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) advises and make proposals to the Board of NYCI on international policies and activities and facilitates and promotes the involvement of member organisations in international activities.

What Does it Do?

The purpose of the IAC is "to coordinate international activities and policies within the Company. The Chairperson of the International Advisory Committee will be elected at a full session of the Council Assembly, following nomination by member organisations, and will be a member of the Company Board. Membership of the International Advisory Committee shall be open to all member organisations and the Company representatives to both the European Youth Forum and Léargas. The International Advisory Committee may also co-opt specialists whom they deem necessary to carry out its mandate."
(Article 42, NYCI Constitution.)

Its purpose is to:

  • Advise and make proposals to the Board of NYCI on international policies and activities.
  • Facilitate and promote the involvement of member organisations in international activities and
    to encourage member organisations to include an international dimension in their programmes.
  • Develop best practice standards for international opportunities and to develop quality guidelines in the provision of International opportunities for young people.
  • Advocate and lobby on International and in particular European youth policy.

Who Can Join It?

The IAC Committee is comprised of:

  • One member of NYCI's Board.
  • Representatives of NYCI to the European Youth Forum. (Delegates to meetings and the permanent working structures of the European Youth Forum)
  • Representatives of Léargas - the Exchange Bureau (Board and sub-committees)
  • Representatives nominated by member organisations
  • Specialists (as appropriate)

How Can You Get Involved in the IAC?

Member organisations can nominate a member to the IAC by contacting NYCI's International Officer, Jean-Marie Cullen

Who's the Main Contact in NYCI?

Jean-Marie Cullen, International Officer

How Often Does It Meet?

At least 4 times a year.

Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC)

The Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC) was established in 2008 to replace the Social Policy Network.

It meets 4 times a year to advise on key policy priorities and campaigns. The members of the committee play an integral role in informing and contributing to the formulation of NYCI’s policy and advocacy agenda.

For further information on the Policy Advocacy Committee please contact James Doorley Assistant Director on 01 4255944.

National Youth Development Education Programme Advisory Group

The NYDEP Advisory Group advises the programme staff on the implementation of the annual work plan for the programme and promotes cooperation and collaboration between the youth work sector and the development education sector.

What Does it Do?

- to promote dialogue and sharing of expertise between the youth sector and the development education sector
- to provide advice and support for linking the programme with the existing and planned work of youth organisations, NGDOs and NYCI
- to provide ongoing youth work and development expertise to the programme through voluntary working groups

The advisory group does not have a management role. Responsibility for the development education programme will remain with NYCI.

Who Can Join It?

The advisory group consists of representatives from NYCI member youth organisations, NGDOs, NYCI and others where appropriate, with a commitment to development education values and principles. It can have up to 12 members (excluding NYCI staff) with an agreed balance between representatives with a youth work background and those from NDGOs.

How Can You Get Involved in the NYDEP Advisory Group?

Representatives from youth organisations that are active in development education are invited to join the advisory group. Representatives from development education organisations are invited to join the advisory group.

Who's the Main Contact in NYCI?

Johnny Sheehan, National Youth Development Education Programme Co-ordinator

How Often Does It Meet?

The advisory group will meet four times a year, unless otherwise decided by the group. A schedule of meetings will be established at the beginning of each year. The role and make up of the advisory group will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Volunteering Working Group

The Volunteering Working Group advises, inputs and contributes to the implementation of the NYCI volunteering work plan keeping in line with the objectives laid out in NYCI's Strategic Plan.


What Does It Do?

The Volunteering Working Group advises, inputs and contributes to the implementation of the NYCI volunteering work plan keeping in line with the objectives laid out in the NYCI strategic plan which states:

‘NYCI will work in partnership with others to promote, sustain and develop volunteering as fundamental to society and a worthwhile activity for people to engage in and will support the development of best practice for involving volunteers in voluntary youth organisations.’

The overall aim of the working group is to develop a strategy for NYCI in relation to volunteering in the youth sector to:

  • Influence national policy around volunteering and volunteering support.
  • Support member organisations in the recruitment, retention, support and development of their volunteers.

In order to do this, the group have drafted a terms of reference, supported the development of an NYCI Policy on Volunteering and Volunteerism, contributed to the design and implementation of a new work plan which will further support volunteering in the youth sector.


Who Can Join It?

Due to the specialised nature of the work carried out under the volunteering agenda, participants on the working group should ideally be volunteer co-ordinators or people with knowledge of and/or responsibility for volunteers or staff who work alongside volunteers within NYCI member organisations.


How Can You Get Involved in the Volunteering Working Group?

Members of the Volunteering Working Group are nominated by NYCI’s member organisations. In addition, an open invitation is issued each year.


Who's the Main Contact in NYCI?

Rachael Long, Development Officer.


How Often does it Meet?

Four times a year. The next meeting is May 14th.


Who is the Chair?

There is no one chair as the role is taken on by different members at different times.


Who are its Members?

  • Daragh Kenedy, Irish Wheelchair Association
  • Carmel O’Connor, Catholic Youth Care
  • John Cahill, Foróige
  • Paul Gralton, Youth Work Ireland
  • Helen Walmsley, VoIuntary Service International Ireland
  • Aoife nic Lughadha, Feachtas
  • Canice Curtain, Scouting Ireland

Calling for NYCI's Vote at 16 Campaign group

The National Youth Council of Ireland is inviting young people to join its campaign on lowering the voting age to 16 in local and European elections. As part of NYCI’s campaign a Vote at 16 youth group will be established to advise and provide the voice for the campaign.

Aim of the Group:

  • Inform the Vote at 16 campaign to influence the government to change the voting age to 16.
  • Explore different campaign ideas for media, other young people etc…
  • Contribute to our media, political and other work to achieve the objectives of the campaign.
  • Contribute to the design and content of the website for the campaign.
  • Develop understanding of the issue and explore arguments in favour of lowering the voting age.

Participant Profile:

  • Young Person, preferably between 15 and 18 but over 18 also considered.
  • Interested in the issue of changing the voting age to 16
  • Willing to attend the meeting on Sat 11th October and stay involved in the campaign beyond the meeting.
  • Willing to feedback the outcomes of the meeting and bring back the campaign to your youth organisation.

Application Procedure:

Please fill out the application form below and post it to James Doorley, NYCI, 3 Montague Street, Dublin 2 or for further information contact her on 01-478 4122 or e-mail

If you are under 18 you must have a guardian or parent fill out a Parental Consent form below and send it to the International Officer, NYCI, 3 Montague St, Dublin 2.

There will be a selection process in NYCI and you will be informed if your application has been successful. If there are more than 2 applications from one member organisation the applicant and organisation will be contacted regarding the situation prior to the selection.

Vote at 16 Application

Vote at 16 Parental Consent


We are developing as a campaign hub.