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NYCI Structure

Member Organisations

NYCI is constituted by over 40 member organisations.

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NYCI Assembly

NYCI’s Annual Assembly is its highest decision-making body and takes place once a year. As well as addressing financial, organisational and constitutional matters, elections are held. The Board of NYCI is the governing body of the Council. It is elected at the Annual Assembly. The Board ensures that the work programme and policies of the Council are implemented. Member organisations then decide the nature of participation in NYCI (to include young people, leaders, practitioners, volunteers, managers, heads of organisations) depending on the focus, issue and/or needs by participation in thematic networks.


Board of NYCI

The Board of NYCI is the Governing body of the National Youth Council of Ireland and broadly represents all member organisations and is ultimately responsible to the Member Organisations.

The members of the Board are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, the Chairperson of the International Advisory Committee, seven (7) persons elected by the Youth Work electoral college and four (4) persons elected to the Youth Interest electoral colleges.

The Board implements the work programme and policies of the National Youth Council of Ireland and it is the decision making body between AGMs. The Board meets at least six times a year.

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