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Resources for youth workers

Additional publications for youth workers are available at our specialist sites:, and

Protecting our Children and Young People

An NYCI Toolkit for Youth Work Organisations to design, review and evaluate their child protection policy.

This new resource is aimed at youth clubs, services and organisations that are designing their child protection policy for the first time or reviewing their existing child protection policy.

As outlined in ‘Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2011’,

Complete Drugs Pack
A Rich Man's World

‘A Rich Man’s World?’ is a youth work resource on global issues affecting our lives. It examines justice issues such as poverty, education, employment and fair relationships between countries and people. This resource uses a variety of methodologies to help meet the learning needs of your group.

Training in the use of the resource is available around Ireland. If you have a group of about eight leaders and a space to host the training, send an email to

Volunteering & Volunteer Support in the Youth Sector

The Volunteering Support Manual is the third element in the development of NYCI’s structures and supports to assist organisations in attracting, recruiting and retaining volunteers. It follows the Policy on Volunteering adopted by NYCI’s Assembly in November 2006 and the Charter on Volunteering developed in early 2007.

All of these resources have been produced as a direct result of feed-back and inputs received during the development of NYCI’s first Strategic Plan during 2002. The Plan contained specific aims which included the promotion and development of volunteering as a worthwhile activity that is fundamental to society and also directed NYCI to support and develop best practice for involving volunteers in voluntary youth organisations.

Just Us or Justice

This One World Week resource contains a range of activities including games, role play, small and large group work activities, art-based activities and stories and is divided into four sections.

Why Don't We? - Youth Participation Resource Pack

This pack provides a guide to action and youth participation for youth organisations. It was written through a youth led consultation process.

Access All Areas

This resource is essential for anyone working with young people and invites organisations to examine how they engage with youth from a variety of backgrounds.

Healthy Eating, Active Living

A Resource for those Working with Young People in Youth Work Settings

Starting Out

‘Starting Out’, The National Induction Training Programme for Volunteers engaged in Youth Work Practice, provides a framework for the content and learning outcomes for training volunteers.