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Pre-budget 2012 submission

In this submission, NYCI outlines what we believe to be priorities for Government action and spending in order to protect real needs and essential services:

1. Youth Work Funding

  • Assist the youth work sector to support the most vulnerable and marginalised young people through the recession by increasing funding by €3m.

2. Education, Training and Activation Measures.

  • Increase the number of places on Youthreach by 500.

3. Youth Unemployment

  • Increase the number of Employment Support Officers.
  • Increase scrutiny, monitoring and evaluation of JobBridge.

4. Child Poverty

  • Maintain the current rate of Child Benefit for 2012.
  • Maintain the real value of the Qualified Child Increase for 2012.

5. Reducing Alcohol Related Harm

  • Reform excise licence duty so off-trade alcohol retailers pay duty based on sales like on-trade rather than at a flat rate. We estimate this would raise €3m for the exchequer.