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  • Our analysis of the savage cuts the Government presides over is that Budget 2011 represents an unfair reduction in public expenditure with the imposition of devastating cuts in a most disproportionate and inequitable manner.

  • In this submission, NYCI outline what we believe to be priorities for Government action and spending in 2011.

    We acknowledge the need to make adjustments to public spending and to broaden the tax base to redress the current exchequer deficit, however, children and young people should not be disproportionately affected by the cuts.

    1. Youth Work Funding

    • Assist the youth work sector to support the most vulnerable and marginalised young people through the recession by maintaining funding at existing levels

    2. Education, Training and Activation Measures.

    • Increase the number of free part-time college places to 10,000 places.
    • Evaluate the Work Placement Programme by end 2010 and if proven successful; expand the programme to at least 10,000 places.
    • Reform and expand the Local Training Initiative.

    3. Youth Unemployment

    • Increase the number of public employment staff either by recruiting more employment officers or by re-assigning staff from other duties in the public service to work directly with job seekers.
    • Increase budget of Technical Employment Support Grant Scheme by €20m

    4. Child Poverty

    • Reform Family Income Supplement to reduce child poverty.

    5. Promote Young People’s Positive Mental Health

    • Restore the Budget of National Office of Suicide Prevention to 2008 levels.
    • Support training and awareness raising and provide information for young people in positive mental health and suicide prevention.

    6. Reducing Alcohol Related Harm

    • Ensure the Liquor Licence fees for off-trade is in line with the on-trade.

    Download the full submission below:


    The ‘Young People: for a Life without Tobacco?’ consultation asked young people about their opinion on a life without tobacco. Is it possible? Why? Why not? How? Specifically, they were asked for recommendations on how they and others can work towards a life without tobacco. The opinions of young people under 18 were collated and fed into the discussion in the form of an audio presentation.


    This guide was created in 2003 by child safety experts from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, France and Sweden. It is a practical tool which will help all youth exchange organisers identify good practice in relation to risk and safety issues. Checklists are provided in relation to good practice and sample forms and documentation are also included in the appendix.


    Released in 2002, this publication is an NYCI Policy on Lifelong/Lifewide Learning, Educational Disadvantage and Access to Higher and Further Education.


    This survey provides a snapshot of the current accommodation issues of young people in Ireland. It ascertains some basic information as to cost, tenure type and difficulties by sector as well as long term tenure prospects.

  • This Practice Manual has been designed primarily to act as a support and working manual for Health Promotion Co-ordinators involved in the Health Promoting Youth Service Initiative.


    Hearing Young Voices examines both the theory and practice of consultation with children and takes a close look at many of the practical hurdles and obstacles that must be overcome if we are to respect the right of children to be heard. The study pays particular attention to the special circumstances facing children living in poverty or coping with other forms of social exclusion.

  • NYCI Equality Policy

  • This document responds to Frequently Asked Questions that NYCI receives on the inclusion of cultural and minority ethnic young people and leaders in youth work.


Policy, Reports and Submissions