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Policy, Reports and Submissions

  • A Working Group comprising of the Youth Council for NI, Education and Library Boards, Youthnet, Vocational Educational Committees and the National Youth Council of Ireland was subsequently established.

    At their inaugural meeting they agreed to commission this paper setting out the
    policy and delivery structures for youth work in both jurisdictions.


    The purpose of the paper is to:-

    • Inform the Working Group in their identification of potential areas for co-operation
    • Inform the Working Group in their development of an action plan for agreement by stakeholders
    • Inform the youth sector on existing and emerging policy and delivery structures in both jurisdictions
  • The conference was organised by the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) and Youthnet on behalf of the North South Working Group funded by Youth Education Social Inclusion Partnership (YESIP) through the EU Peace III Programme.

    The conference aimed to build on a previous event “Creating a
    Framework for North South Co-Operation in the Youth Sector” which identified the theme of impact measurement as an area for future mutual co-operation.

    The conference consisted of a combination of key inputs and participative workshops presented
    by member organisations on their experiences on using different tool kits for measuring impact. It
    explored recent developments of Impact Measurement and provided a platform for members and
    organisations to exchange information across both sectors north and south of the island.

  • NYCI welcomes the opportunity to respond to the draft heads of the National Vetting Bill. We have campaigned for many years for the introduction of mandatory vetting of all those working with children and young people. It is an important and necessary step in ensuring children and young people are fully and properly protected.

  • Speaking Notes for Launch for the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group Report

    James Doorley,   Assistant Director of the National Youth Council of Ireland and member of the National Substance Misuse Strategy Group.

    February 7th 2012, Hawkins House, Department of Health.

    Steering Group Report Available for Download Here

  • Budget 2012 offers little for children and young people. Many of the budgetary measures were harsh and draconian and targeted some of the most vulnerable in Irish society.

    NYCI have analysed and assessed the provisions contained in Budget 2012 against the 5 key areas included in Real Needs & Essential Services, NYCI’s Pre-Budget submission:

  • 2011 was the fourth year of the implementation of our strategic plan and we have had a particular focus this year on developing systems for measuring the impact of the Council’s work.

    We recognise the need for our work to be outcomes focused and the Council has
    embraced this agenda.

  • The research confirms that volunteering can play a very significant role in developing
    greater levels of community and social awareness and involvement amongst young
    people in Ireland.

    This research focused on capturing the experience and attitude of young people towards volunteering and demonstrates that young people in Ireland are most interested in the concept of volunteering and many are clearly very motivated to involve themselves in volunteering activities and roles.

  • In this submission, NYCI outlines what we believe to be priorities for Government action and spending in order to protect real needs and essential services:

    1. Youth Work Funding

    • Assist the youth work sector to support the most vulnerable and marginalised young people through the recession by increasing funding by €3m.

    2. Education, Training and Activation Measures.

    • Increase the number of places on Youthreach by 500.

    3. Youth Unemployment

    • Increase the number of Employment Support Officers.
    • Increase scrutiny, monitoring and evaluation of JobBridge.

    4. Child Poverty

    • Maintain the current rate of Child Benefit for 2012.
    • Maintain the real value of the Qualified Child Increase for 2012.

    5. Reducing Alcohol Related Harm

    • Reform excise licence duty so off-trade alcohol retailers pay duty based on sales like on-trade rather than at a flat rate. We estimate this would raise €3m for the exchequer.
  • This report is a result of 18 months of consultation with young jobseekers, experts and stakeholders along with research and analysis of existing actions and policies to date.

  • This is the first time that any research has been conducted on the lived experience of young unemployed people in Ireland. The results provide a worrying and shocking insight into the difficulties faced by young jobseekers across the country.

    The main findings from the research include:

    • All respondents agreed that the prospect for securing rewarding employment in Ireland is not very good.
    • 70% agreed that is likely they will emigrate in the next 12 months.
    • 90% agreed that being unemployed has a negative effect on my sense of wellbeing.
    • Only 32% awarded a mid-point satisfaction with their meeting with Social Welfare.
    • Half of the respondents rated the quality of the information or support provided with a Job Facilitator at Social Welfare as unsatisfactory to poor.


Policy, Reports and Submissions