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Policy, Reports and Submissions

Policy, Reports and Submissions

Submission on the Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014

In light of our decision to support a yes vote in the Children's Referendum, NYCI supports the inclusion of the key principles of ‘best interest’ and ‘voice of the child’ which are now reflected in the Children and Family Relationships Bill.

Education for Sustainable Development

Request for submissions to inform the development of a National
Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development in Ireland
Submission from the National Youth Council of Ireland

Factsheet on Cuts to Under-26 Jobseekers Benefits
Post Budget 2014 Analysis

At a time of high youth unemployment and high levels of youth emigration from Ireland, Budget 2014 has delivered another devastating budget for young people. The budgetary measures announced in Budget 2014 are regressive, draconian and grossly inequitable. They target young people and will result in further austerity and hardship for young jobseekers, particularly the most marginisalised and disadvantaged young people.

NYCI Pre-Budget Submission 2014: Beyond Austerity

In this submission, NYCI outlines what it believes to be priorities for Government action and spending in the areas of:
1. Defending Youth Work Services
2. Providing supports for most disadvantaged young jobseekers
3. Reducing Child Poverty
4. Tackling Alcohol Related Harm
5. Emigration


Download Pre-Budget Submission (pdf) here:

Achievements of the Irish EU Presidency

The Irish Presidency managed to secure the commitment of all member states to the Youth Guarantee. It will give young people under the age of 25 the chance of training or a new job within four months of their becoming unemployed.

The Contribution of Quality Youth Work

The Contribution of Quality Youth Work

Maximizing the Potential of Youth Policy

Maximizing the Potential of Youth Policy

Time to go? A Qualitative Research Study Exploring the Experience and Impact of Emigration on Ireland’s Youth

By interviewing young people who have emigrated to the UK and to Canada
about their experience, the study explores:
1. Where are Irish youth emigrating to and why?
2. How are they settling into life in their host country?
3. What are the challenges they have encountered on this journey?
4. What supports would have made their move easier?
5. Do they envisage returning home in the next 5 years if the economy improves?

Submission to the Convention on the Constitution: Reducing Voting Age

We note that the Convention is focusing on extending to the voting age to 17, however, our submission puts forward the arguments in favour of reducing the voting age to 16 which is consistent with NYCI’s campaign Vote@16 and in line with other EU member states.
Related information, with video of the convention is available at

Youth Guarantee Fact Sheet

The youth guarantee would offer a young person aged 18 to 24 a job, work experience, apprenticeship, training or combined work and training within a defined period of time after leaving school or becoming unemployed.

Assessment of the Economic Value of Youthwork

The results of the cost-benefit assessment of the economic value of youth work presented in this study suggest that the public funding provided by the State for youth work services represents value for money.

Submission to the Review of the White Paper on Irish Aid April

The submission focuses on a number of key issues and makes recommendations to advance the objectives of the work. The submission outlines our views on the following:

Children First Heads of Bill: NYCI Presentation to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children

Date of presentation: 9th May 2012

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) was invited to present to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children today to respond to the Heads of the Children First Bill published by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald.

NYCI raised a number of issues about the implications of the Bill, in particular for those who work in the youth work sector, including:

Presentation to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education on Unemployment and Youth

Download presentation here (pdf) >>

Date of presentation: 25 April 2012

Areas covered:

NYCI Research and Consultation with Young Jobseekers

NEES (Employment and Entitlements Service Employment and Entitlements Service)

SOLAS (Seirbhísí Oideachais Leanunaigh agus Scileanna)

Importance of internships

Youth Guarantee

Youth Work Policy and Delivery in Ireland

A Working Group comprising of the Youth Council for NI, Education and Library Boards, Youthnet, Vocational Educational Committees and the National Youth Council of Ireland was subsequently established.

How do we know it's working? Conference Report

The conference was organised by the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) and Youthnet on behalf of the North South Working Group funded by Youth Education Social Inclusion Partnership (YESIP) through the EU Peace III Programme.

Submission on the National Vetting Bill

NYCI welcomes the opportunity to respond to the draft heads of the National Vetting Bill. We have campaigned for many years for the introduction of mandatory vetting of all those working with children and young people. It is an important and necessary step in ensuring children and young people are fully and properly protected.

Speaking Notes for Launch for the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group Report

Speaking Notes for Launch for the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group Report

James Doorley,   Assistant Director of the National Youth Council of Ireland and member of the National Substance Misuse Strategy Group.

February 7th 2012, Hawkins House, Department of Health.

Budget 2012 Analysis - Unfair and Austere

Budget 2012 offers little for children and young people. Many of the budgetary measures were harsh and draconian and targeted some of the most vulnerable in Irish society.

NYCI Annual Report 2011

2011 was the fourth year of the implementation of our strategic plan and we have had a particular focus this year on developing systems for measuring the impact of the Council’s work.

We recognise the need for our work to be outcomes focused and the Council has
embraced this agenda.

Report: Lending a Hand - Young People and Volunteering in Ireland

The research confirms that volunteering can play a very significant role in developing
greater levels of community and social awareness and involvement amongst young
people in Ireland.

This research focused on capturing the experience and attitude of young people towards volunteering and demonstrates that young people in Ireland are most interested in the concept of volunteering and many are clearly very motivated to involve themselves in volunteering activities and roles.

Pre-budget 2012 submission

In this submission, NYCI outlines what we believe to be priorities for Government action and spending in order to protect real needs and essential services:

1. Youth Work Funding

  • Assist the youth work sector to support the most vulnerable and marginalised young people through the recession by increasing funding by €3m.

2. Education, Training and Activation Measures.

  • Increase the number of places on Youthreach by 500.

3. Youth Unemployment

Creating a Future for Young Job Seekers

This report is a result of 18 months of consultation with young jobseekers, experts and stakeholders along with research and analysis of existing actions and policies to date.

Report: Youth Unemployment in Ireland - the Forgotten Generation

This is the first time that any research has been conducted on the lived experience of young unemployed people in Ireland. The results provide a worrying and shocking insight into the difficulties faced by young jobseekers across the country.

Budget 2011: A Very Rocky and Long Road to Recovery

Our analysis of the savage cuts the Government presides over is that Budget 2011 represents an unfair reduction in public expenditure with the imposition of devastating cuts in a most disproportionate and inequitable manner.

Pre Budget 2011 Submission

In this submission, NYCI outline what we believe to be priorities for Government action and spending in 2011.

A Consultation With Young People for a Life Without Tobacco


The ‘Young People: for a Life without Tobacco?’ consultation asked young people about their opinion on a life without tobacco. Is it possible? Why? Why not? How? Specifically, they were asked for recommendations on how they and others can work towards a life without tobacco. The opinions of young people under 18 were collated and fed into the discussion in the form of an audio presentation.

Child Safety and Youth Exchange Programme Guidelines


This guide was created in 2003 by child safety experts from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, France and Sweden. It is a practical tool which will help all youth exchange organisers identify good practice in relation to risk and safety issues. Checklists are provided in relation to good practice and sample forms and documentation are also included in the appendix.

Class Action (2002)


Released in 2002, this publication is an NYCI Policy on Lifelong/Lifewide Learning, Educational Disadvantage and Access to Higher and Further Education.

Have Yiz No Homes To Go To (2000)


This survey provides a snapshot of the current accommodation issues of young people in Ireland. It ascertains some basic information as to cost, tenure type and difficulties by sector as well as long term tenure prospects.

Health Promotion in Youth Work Settings

This Practice Manual has been designed primarily to act as a support and working manual for Health Promotion Co-ordinators involved in the Health Promoting Youth Service Initiative.

Hearing Young Voices (2003)


Hearing Young Voices examines both the theory and practice of consultation with children and takes a close look at many of the practical hurdles and obstacles that must be overcome if we are to respect the right of children to be heard. The study pays particular attention to the special circumstances facing children living in poverty or coping with other forms of social exclusion.

NYCI Equality Policy

NYCI Equality Policy

Practical Guidelines for Supporting Interculturalism in Youthwork

This document responds to Frequently Asked Questions that NYCI receives on the inclusion of cultural and minority ethnic young people and leaders in youth work.

The Truth About Youth

This research surveyed over 1,000 young people across the country and offers an insight into the issues that affect young people in Ireland today. The issues covered in the report are Education, Voting Participation, Health, Housing and Personal Finance. Based on the research we have outlined 16 actions which we believe Government should introduce to support and assist young people to achieve their full potential and to better contribute to Irish society.

Let's Beat Bullying

This resource has been written for the Youth Work sector and stems from a recognition by NYCI Youth Health Programme and the Child Protection Programme that we have a shared responsibility to respond to the issue of bullying in this sector as a matter of priority. This resource manual is practical, informative and comprehensive in relation to the issue of bullying and offers a range of options in relation to the prevention of bullying and the development of an anti-bullying environment. The resource outlines a variety of responses which may be used to intervene in situations involving bullying. It also provides a framework and process for devising an anti-bullying policy.

Good Habits of Mind

This resource is a mental health promotion initiative for those working with young people in out-of-school settings. One of the key findings of the project was that the relationship between the worker and young person is central to the goal of promoting mental health. Of note also was the importance of organisational context for the work, the out-of-school settings themselves need to pay attention to policies that contribute to mental health.

Evalution of Health Quality Mark

This resource evaluates the Health Quality Mark (HQ Mark), which is as a health promotion initiative with a view to enhancing best practice and a high standard of quality in all aspects of health promotion in youth organisations. The HQ Mark is a set of quality standards in youth health promotion and takes the form of an award conferred on organisations that satisfy agreed quality criteria. The criteria, eighteen in total, have been drawn up by the NYHP and are based on best practice in health promotion at a regional and national level as outlined in various national health strategy and policy documents, and at an international level.

Stereotyping of Young People Resource Pack

This research highlighted a widespread stereotyping of young people in a range of arenas

– at school, in their local communities and in the media. The research concluded that the young people interviewed saw their institutional relationships with adults as for the most part unequal, troubled and rooted in stereotypical ideas about their attributes and abilities.

This resource pack should support young people and organisations of young people to recognise stereotyping and to challenge any stereotyping of young people. The resource pack is also designed to challenge any stereotyping of other groups by young people.

Published March 2008 by The Equality Authority and the National Youth Council of Ireland.

Get 'em Young: Mapping young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing in Ireland

This report is the first of its kind in Ireland as it involves young people recording their experience of alcohol advertising and marketing in their own surroundings. The startling thing about this research is that it shows the level to which young people are subjected to alcohol products from an array of media channels in Ireland and demonstrates that current policies are not working to protect them from pervasive advertising and marketing of alcohol.

Policy Submissions Archive

A range of submissions from the last 5 years.

NYCI Strategic Plan

In 2008 the National Youth Council of Ireland embarks on its second strategic plan which will provide us with a plan of action to influence positive change for young people and the youth sector until the end of 2012.

Standpoints: Attitudes of Young People & Youth Workers to to Development and Global Justice Issues

This report presents the findings of a qualitative research project investigating the attitudes of adults and young people involved in youth work towards development and global justice issues , along with exploring the implications of these findings for youth work practice.

Inequality and the Stereotyping of Young People

This report investigates the negative stereotyping of young people in Ireland. It includes the findings of research into the experiences of young people and their perceptions of how they are regarded and treated by adults, as well as the results of a case study of the stereotyping of young people in the Irish media.

Budget 2010 Analysis

Children and young people have borne the brunt of many of the policy decisions made in Budget 2010.Contrary to the Minister’s belief that the budgetary measures for 2010 will ensure a start to economic recovery, NYCI believe their impact will have devastating consequences for many children and young people especially those living in low income families.

NYCI Pre-Budget Submission 2010

In this submission, NYCI outline what we believe to be priorities for Government action and spending:

Education Policy Position Paper

This publication outlines NYCI education policy 2007-2010.