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NYCI as a Social Partner

What role does NYCI play in Social Partnership?

NYCI gained full social partnership status in 1996, along with a number of other voluntary and business organisations. Since then, we have been involved in the negotiation of three national programmes: ‘Partnership 2000’, the ‘Programme for Prosperity and Fairness,’ ‘Sustaining Progress’ and the new Social Partnership Agreement - "Towards 2016." The social partners are currently organised into four ‘Pillars’: the Trade Union Pillar, the Employers’ & Business Pillar, the Farming Pillar and the Community & Voluntary Pillar of which NYCI is a part of.

Four years ago, NYCI was engaged in negotiations for a new 10 year Social Partnership Agreement; ‘Towards 2016: Ten-Year Framework Social Partnership Agreement 2006 - 2016’. For the first six months of 2006, NYCI participated in a series of intensive negotiations with Government to secure substantial gains for children and young people in a new National Agreement. The Agreement was negotiated by James Doorley, Assistant Director and Marie-Claire McAleer, Research & Policy Officer. The Director of NYCI, Mary Cunningham acted as chair to the CV pillar for the duration of the negotiations. Throughout the process, the Board, and the NYCI Social Policy Network were involved in guiding this work.