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National Youth Development Education Programme Advisory Group

The NYDEP Advisory Group advises the programme staff on the implementation of the annual work plan for the programme and promotes cooperation and collaboration between the youth work sector and the development education sector.

What Does it Do?

- to promote dialogue and sharing of expertise between the youth sector and the development education sector
- to provide advice and support for linking the programme with the existing and planned work of youth organisations, NGDOs and NYCI
- to provide ongoing youth work and development expertise to the programme through voluntary working groups

The advisory group does not have a management role. Responsibility for the development education programme will remain with NYCI.

Who Can Join It?

The advisory group consists of representatives from NYCI member youth organisations, NGDOs, NYCI and others where appropriate, with a commitment to development education values and principles. It can have up to 12 members (excluding NYCI staff) with an agreed balance between representatives with a youth work background and those from NDGOs.

How Can You Get Involved in the NYDEP Advisory Group?

Representatives from youth organisations that are active in development education are invited to join the advisory group. Representatives from development education organisations are invited to join the advisory group.

Who's the Main Contact in NYCI?

Johnny Sheehan, National Youth Development Education Programme Co-ordinator

How Often Does It Meet?

The advisory group will meet four times a year, unless otherwise decided by the group. A schedule of meetings will be established at the beginning of each year. The role and make up of the advisory group will be reviewed on an annual basis.