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Involve: National Association of Travellers' Centres

The National Association of Travellers’ Centres is a membership organisation, representing Youth Work Projects and Centres of Education and Training (CET) nationally.

NATC (National Association of Travellers’ Centres) is the largest provider of Youth Services to young Travellers in Ireland and works from a community development and partnership approach, in which Traveller and settled communities work together in responding to the needs of Travellers.

The Association also produces and distributes the Voice of the Traveller Magazine. The Magazine is a key communications mechanism between the Traveller and settled communities and internally within the Traveller Community.

The National Association of Travellers Centres’ recognises the equality of the Traveller Community by providing programmes, initiatives and services that promote the participation and inclusion of the Traveller Community in Irish Society.

Empowerment through participation is our motto.


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