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Interculturalism in Youthwork

NYCI seeks to promote and encourage an intercultural and anti-racist approach as a sustainable feature of youth work in Ireland. We aim to promote equality of opportunity, interaction, understanding, respect and integration between different cultures, ethnic and religious groups as we see difference as something positive that can enrich a society.

The following objectives are included in NYCI's current strategic plan.

  • Actively promote participation between all young people from diverse backgrounds on an equal footing in youth work opportunities.
  • Recognise and respect differences/diversity and strive to ensure youth work opportunities are inclusive of all communities in Ireland, including young people and youth workers from ethnic minorities and members of the Traveller Community.
  • Seek to ensure all our policies, procedures and practices reflect an awareness of intercultural issues.
  • Look to mainstream an intercultural ethos, policies and practices into the everyday work of youth organisations and within the sector.

NYCI how has a dedicated site for it's Intercultural work at